I believe that we should at least have some idea of where we want to go in life and what we want to achieve, if we are to achieve anything at all. Depending on which personal development or motivational book you read, there are many different techniques for making plans and goal setting, but one of my favourites is making a treasure map.

Making a treasure map is a fun, enjoyable thing to do and when we're setting goals it can help us to focus even more clearly on what we wish to achieve. After all, we need to be sure exactly what it is we are trying to achieve and we need to be specific for the Universe to act on your requests. You wouldn't send someone shopping for you without telling them what they're going for would you?

A treasure map is simply a drawing or a collage of the things you would like to see in your life. You can map many things together but it's best if you only work on one area of your life at a time. That way you won't confuse yourself. To begin your treasure map, take the biggest sheet of card you can find, or go to your local stationers and buy some poster board. You can draw or paint your map, or use magazines and cut out pictures of what you want then stick them on your board. You could even put a photograph of yourself in to give it more meaning. Get out the colourful stickers and felt-tipped pens and make your treasure map as bright and colourful as you can. This will give it much more impact.

Save some space across the top so that when you've finished the artistic bit you can write an affirmation there. Try and make your affirmation positive, present tense and personal i.e. "I now have a beautiful new car which is easy to maintain". "My new home comes to me easily and effortlessly". "I am always relaxed and centred and have time for everything" or whatever. Then sign and date the bottom.

On the back of your treasure map, write a short paragraph saying how wonderful your life will be once you've achieved your goal. Again make it present tense. And give thanks for whatever it is you're affirming for too. That way you're showing your faith in the Universe to provide it for you. For example, if you were affirming for a new home you could write "I give thanks for my wonderful new home which I can easily afford. It is in the perfect location for me..." Then go on to describe the rooms, how it will look from the outside etc..

Keep your treasure map safe once you've done it and refer to it often. You will find that the very act of making one helps you to be more positive and focused and it will be easier for you to achieve your goals.

If all this sounds too simplistic and child-like for you, I do encourage you to have a go and make your own anyway. Even if you're not the artistic type, you'd be surprised what you can come up with. And if you just create one and then put it away somewhere, you're more than likely to find when you come across it someday in the future that you have achieved/acquired everything on it!

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