Affirmations are simply positive, or affirmative, statements of truth. The tricky part is that the truth of the affirmation need not be a "present reality;" it can be a future reality you truly wish to create. By declaring this future reality in positive, definite terms, you are tasking your conscious and unconscious mind with finding this new reality. It is important to consider that, when your prayer is answered, it will be now; so, the proper way to "declare a thing" and make it so is to offer thanks NOW - in this moment - for your desired reality as if it had already happened. Your emotional guidance system will seek to recreate the experience of being happy for having achieved this particular goal; and it is likely to do it by bringing that goal to fruition.

Life is a continuous series of changing circumstances. Our thoughts help us make sense of this ever-changing landscape; and they help guide us from one event to another along this path to future "now's." Along the way to your future, you are continuously asked to offer thought as a way of generating your future realities. Change happens with or without your input; but you can create affirmative change with affirmative thought. Consider the following words from two great teachers of this path of positive thought and affirmative action:

"Be the change you seek to create in the world." - Gandhi

"Do unto others what you would have them do unto you." - Jesus

"Declare a thing and it is so." - Jesus

"As a man thinketh, so is he." - Jesus

"Our thoughts become our words as they become our beliefs; our beliefs become our actions as they become our habits. Our habits become our values as our values become our destiny." - Gandhi

"Whatsoever you desire, when you stand in prayer - believing - will be given unto you." - Jesus

Believing in a thing is affirming it - it makes it firm, or physical. As you think about a thing which has sparked your interest or curiosity, or which has become desirable to you, your thoughts will naturally want to return there. As you think of a new thing, you will begin to notice that new thing in your world where you haven't noticed it before. You will also begin to look in new places, read new books and magazines, and perhaps begin doing research or study in this new area of thought. As you give more attention and thought-energy to these ideas, you will develop mental imagery and additional ideas.

The imagery and new ideas you experience, while giving thought to your new desire, will make you feel a certain way. If the feelings are positive, your desire will grow; if your feelings are negative the desire may also grow, but it will likely grow into that which you are afraid of. If your thoughts are positive, and they excite you, you will probably begin speaking about them, as we think and talk about those things which most interest us. These thoughts and words will then stimulate actions and behaviors. Affirmative thoughts inspire affirmative action. Inspired action seems to be effortless and always creates positive change and new realities.

Just imagine that you are programming a computer; you wouldn't tell the computer all the things you don't want it to do. You simply tell the computer - in a language it understands - what you want it to do; and then you tell it to do it. Your mind and body operate in much the same way; so, your self-talk - which is actually a type of self-programming - should always be affirmations of what you want to happen. Your programs should always be positive, affirmative, direct, and specific; but you should keep in mind that this is a process - and part of the process is exercising patience and a peaceful countenance. You may not master this immediately; so relax, and be of good cheer.

By thinking and speaking affirmative words, we can generate an affirmative mood, or disposition; an affirmative disposition is one which is free from stress. This state of mind and body is a healing state. Positive thoughts do not stress us out; that's because they do not cause or stimulate the release of the harmful stress hormones which we experience as "bad feelings." The way we phrase our words and intentions has a lot to do with the way our subconscious hears, interprets, and acts on those thoughts we hold so important that we took the time and energy to turn them into words. When you turn a desire into words, it is one step closer to becoming a physical reality.

Imagine that you are ordering dinner and you tell the waitress what NOT to bring you. Do you know what you will get for dinner? Some people say that affirmations are not useful or effective because they affirm the lack of the thing you are affirming. In these cases, semantics are everything; re-framing your negative desires into positive affirmations may take some time and thought, but it is worth it. A declaration of what you do not want is really a "negation," and not an "affirmation."

By saying, "I don't want to be sick," or "God, please take away my illness," you are focusing on the fact that you are sick, or have an illness; and you are trying to negate it by thinking about it. This does not work. Though you may heal; it will be through natural processes that you could have sped up with an affirmation instead of slowing down with a negation. "Thank you, God, for giving me this wonderful health and strength so I can go for a walk!" is a much better prayer for restoring health and wellness than those listed above.

To create health, wellness, happiness, success, and prosperity, in all areas of your life, begin thinking positively and affirmatively. Think creatively and optimistically if you wish to create a new reality. Express gratitude in your affirmations; and try to feel the feeling of gratitude in your heart as you imagine the happy, new reality you wish to create. Continue to affirm only those things you wish to experience in your life, body, and experience. Below are a few examples of affirmative prayers for health, prosperity, etc; they will give you an idea of how effective thinkers effectively create using effective, affirmative thought. Affirmations need only contain gratitude, joy, and a positive intention.

Try generating a new attitude in the areas where you have problems or suffering. Consider re-framing your focus on the most positive statement you could make about the conditions you wish to experience. "A man must first assume those characteristics he wishes to possess." Some people say, "Fake it until you make it;" but repeating affirmations will help you choose a more positive track for your thoughts. Try some of the following affirmative thoughts and see how they feel to you; say them out loud and hear how they make you feel:

If you are ill and thinking, "God I feel miserable!" try thinking:

Health - "Thank you, God, for giving me health and strength so that I might live fully and be a model of health and joy to others. Thank you for giving me the strength, courage, and willingness, to do the things that enrich and empower me..."

If you are in turmoil and chaos and thinking, "I'm going to kill someone if these people don't get off my back!" or "I don't know what to do! I'm so afraid and worried..." try thinking:

Peace - "Thank you, God, for giving me peace. Thank you for giving me faith and trust and for quieting my mind so that I might rest and hear more clearly your will..."

If you are experiencing relationship problems, instead of thinking, "God I am married to such a _________!!! I can't stand this anymore!" try thinking:

Relationships - "Thank you, God, for giving me the love and wisdom to see you in all your creation and to love all creation and all living things unconditionally. Love and harmony are alive and well in all my relationships."

If you are experiencing weight issues and you hate what you see in the mirror, try thinking:

Weight Loss - "I am happy and peaceful here and now. I am safe and loved and create my own peace, security, and nourishment from the power from within me. I am free; and I release the past and others to be free now."

If you are having financial difficulties, instead of thinking about debt, or a pile of bills, try thinking:

Prosperity - "My good returns to me now in an avalanche of abundance; thank you, God, for prospering me in all my ways. Only good comes to me; and there is always more than enough to share."

If you can't seem to make things work out, and you're thinking, "Why can't I ever catch a break?" try thinking:

Success - "Thank you, God, for growing my good thoughts now. I give thanks for the wonderful insights and ideas which I have been given and are now coming to light. Thank you for all things going my way, favoring me with your blessings, and for benefiting all as your grace now benefits me. "

"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen."

- Muhammad Ali

Author's Bio: 

Pete Koerner has put the Belief Formula to the test throughout his life – flying airplanes, helicopters, driving fire trucks, scuba diving, mountain climbing, kayaking, and traveling to many parts of the world teaching the secrets of creating and loving your own life. Pete has successfully navigated the business and entrepreneurial world – starting several successful businesses – and he continues to explore new ideas for growth.

Pete Koerner is dedicated to helping humanity reach its highest potential by using ancient wisdom and cutting edge science to teach scientific prayer and techniques for personal growth and transformation. Pete conducts retreats and seminars, and speaks and writes on the subjects of healing, prayer, and philosophy. He has helped hundreds of individuals achieve better health and greater happiness with his transformational techniques and methods – helping them free themselves from limiting beliefs so they can achieve their hearts desires and live their dreams.