In the past couple of months, I have created this habit of giving money every week. It has become an intentional part of my life experience. It's not that this is completely new. In the past, I've done a regular financial giving program. But lately, it was more when I thought of it or was asked.

This habit of giving is grounded in my experience that when we give, we create flow. We create a covenant with the source of all things that we will participate in the natural abundance and movement of the universe. We send the message through our acts of giving that we can receive more because we will then give more.

I had never really understood the concept from that point of view before. I had always heard things like, you must give to receive or it's better to give than receive. And, I knew that it set the law of reciprocity into motion. I just never really understood that what it does is let the Conspiracy of Love know that we wish to be a vehicle for that abundance by letting this flow come through us.

Now, if we hoard anything out of fear -- love or money -- we are sending a message that we do not wish to participate in the program. There's no judgment. We've just made that choice.

This idea has some assumptions. One, that there is an intelligent, conscious, loving source of all things, and two, that energy follows intention. It assumes that we are powerful, creative beings that can have a huge impact on our reality based on our intentions.

Many of us have lots of mixed feelings and beliefs about money, me included. However, when I look at my experience objectively, I have always been provided for. That's me working with the Conspiracy -- my angels, guides and loved ones, physical and nonphysical. I also think it's because money is essentially love in action and it comes to us when we can clear out our limiting beliefs, and when our intentions for its use are based in love. Love is the primary energy in the universe, and money is one form of it. The more we love, the more it becomes available to us. We become trustworthy channels for that love. Oh, and don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities. Each week, I take the amount I wish to give, bless it, then open to the need. I am never disappointed, and it feels so good to give.

So, what's the bottom line, as they say? To get clear about our beliefs about money, to set clear intentions based on love, and to agree to participate fully in the program of giving. Enjoy it. Feel yourself as a powerful spiritual being supporting a universe of love and abundance. Because, that's you!

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