Start by ensuring you have enough information and data available at your fingertips. That's the secret. If you don't have this, refer back to “More Sales and Marketing Ideas in Less Than Ninety Minutes”.

Here are the steps to Creating a Sales and Marketing Strategy quickly and effectively:

Take an A4 size of paper and title it Sales and Marketing Strategy.

Then rule it with two horizontal lines across about one inch down from top and two vertical lines to form three equal columns. Title these columns, Channels, Strategy, How often.

Step 2: Under Channels write down as many strategies that you can think of for contacting. Write down (in this exercise) a minimum of 4. Let’s say one of those channels is "Contacting prospects.” Under Strategy write down at least four strategies you could use to contact prospects. For example:

Internet, Advertising, Letters, Telephone calling.

Write four strategies for each of the channels so you should have a minimum of 16 strategies.

Step 3: Under “how often” enter how often you will practice the particular strategy.

For example, if one of the strategies in the middle column is letters, you may enter "once a week for two months" or whatever the time period is that you work out as being effective for you.

Realise that frustration may set in after a while if you don’t concentrate but don’t give in. You are almost there and have nearly accomplished your task. You will be well rewarded once you have finished.

Again, the real secret is to have self generating strategies going out the door, so that your methods are automated to ensure a continual source of leads.

Dan Cavalli
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