If you are a creative writer, it is possible that you can write poetry and short stories. A creative writer is a story teller and very passionate with deep convictions. This is a very special person who has a vast imagination. Not every writer can be classified as a creative writer. Some writers are better at writing nonfiction, which is pretty much either technical writing or steps on carrying out different tasks. This is their talent and should not be taken for granted either.

Writers in different genre are appreciated for their wit and talent. However, a creative writer can take you to places that you haven't been before. You will feel as if you are right in the story that is being told. Not many people can let a story jump out at the page at you. I admire these creative writers.

I remember when I was in grade school and given some essay assignment to write story, I was so imaginative that I wrote things that no one thought an eight year old should be able to conjure. One day, my teacher called me up to her desk after reading one of my compositions. She asked me if I had written it and I told her that I had. She asked me about five times if I had written the story and could not believe that I did. I guess from that point, someone knew that I had a weird sense of imagination.

I am not sure if she did believe me, but I know she was the one who got me to skip classes as a form of advancement. However, I think she just wanted to get rid of me. What do you think? She did not want to read my weird stories anymore or she was in such awe that she wanted someone else to grade my work to see what the recommendations would be.

Unfortunately, my next teacher was just as surprised as the first teacher, but what she did was to get me involved in writing clubs and a spelling bee competition. With my mother's permission and my teacher's recommendation, I was able to take my creative writing to the next level. I am glad someone noticed me and did not discard my gift for something other than what it is.

When you read your next good book, write the author a letter of appreciation. We should celebrate art like this because it is truly an art to be a creative writer. Poetry is also a way to reach the soul and poets are gifted individuals who bare their souls with the expectation of reaching deep down into yours with words that pierce the spirit and provokes the mind.

There are many unpublished poems lying around homes and in drawers that have never been heard. There are many that are buried in the heart of the deceased who never took the chance to portray their talent.

My sister was a poet, but she only wrote poetry for herself. When she died, I found a whole journal filled with poetry that when read would fill your heart with tears and sadness that they were never published and no one got to know how much talent she had. Don't hide your gift. Allow your creative juices to flow and let everyone know through your "words on paper," that you are trying to reach their very soul.

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