Is creativity and inspiration important? Does it affect our abilities to create the life we want to live and manifest our true desires? It seems the answers to these questions aren’t as obvious as we think. Many of us underestimate the power of our creativity because we really don’t understand where creativity originates. Creativity is the movement and flow of the Creative Spirit through us.

Sometimes in life, we only recognize creativity when we see a work of art or read a book. However, those of us on the path of enlightenment seeking spiritual development for personal power, self-improvement, and higher consciousness, quickly discover that this empowerment is made possible by the Creative Spirit.

Creativity is the flow of creative energy. And how does this energy build? This energy builds through divine flow and divine flow builds as we choose to live life as our true and authentic self. In this manner, we are sure that what we create comes from our Soul and not from the ego. Consequently, as creativity flows from our Soul it produces the vibration of inspiration and never seeks to do harm to you or anyone else. Instead, this power inspires us and inspires others. This inspiration perpetuates the flow of life. With this energy, we experience wealth, success, love, devotion, peace, order, empowering relationships, expansion and multiplicity of gifts and talents, wisdom, and knowledge.

Because we so love the feelings associated with creativity and inspiration, we often wonder where this volition and impulse for creativity originates. It originates with the Creative Spirit. The Creative Spirit is a function of the Holy Spirit or Oneness Blessing of Source Energy. In fact, the impulse we feel when the desire to do anything comes upon us, is the unction of the Creative Spirit. It is our duty to implore Source Energy for wisdom and knowledge as we allow creativity to flow through us.

Our imploration of wisdom and knowledge intensifies the impulse. With this intensity, we arouse this feeling as it spirals (inspiration moving) with our agreement to be a willing vessel for Source Energy. To be a most effective willing vessel, we must also be willing to increase in wisdom and knowledge about ourselves and the world around us.

As a result, through our willingness something manifests in our reality. The aim of our intentions and purpose determines what we manifest and how we experience the creation process.

Just thinking about it is wondrous indeed. It is a comfort to know that we are not stuck, we can change our lives. Creativity and the Creative Spirit truly empower us. The power of the Creative Spirit and the movement and velocity of creativity provide us with the power to change our lives and transform our reality.

Many of us want the power to co-create our lives or co-create our reality and what we fail to understand is the Creative Spirit makes this possible. Creativity is self-empowerment and contributes greatly to our self-growth. We when seek personal development, higher consciousness, personal power, and self-improvement, we are asking the power of the Creative Spirit move through us.

To this end, the questions are answered, creativity and inspiration are important to us. Creativity and inspiration does affect our ability to create the life we want to live and manifest our true desires. Most importantly, creativity becomes more potent as we choose to live life as our true and authentic self. Ask yourself, with knowledge of this power, what would you create in your life? What would you manifest in your reality?

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Carmellita M. Brown has over 10 years experience in Metaphysical Science and Esoteric Studies. As a practicing metaphysician, she has developed a Personal Development Community and Lifestyle Education Company called Blue Lotus Living, LLC. With her business partner and best friend Roslyn Randle and the the Blue Lotus Living Community, Carmellita has established the Blue Lotus Living Creative Success System to demonstrate the power of a Creative Spirit. Carmellita Brown invites you to recover your true and authentic self and more about your creativity, love, devotion, wealth, success, empowering relationships, and how to co-create your life and reality at