Crystals have always been fascinating people, primarily due to their visual attraction, exquisite purity, interplay of colors and transparency. Crystals and stones, however, have other outstanding qualities that make them useful tools for metaphysical work.

As seen from the point of view of the spiritual science, the mineral kingdom belongs to the basic level of evolution of consciousness, in spite of the fact that by the parameters of nowadays science crystal are not classified as living entities.

Crystals possess various vibrations and thus they are capable of accumulating energy in accordance with their inherent nature. Furthermore, they can amplify the absorbed energy and bring it back to you and your environment through resonance and vibration. Their help can be invaluable, provided that you treat them like living entities. Once you have mastered the skill of communicating with your crystals, they are going to reveal to you much more - their hidden virtues and qualities.

It is believed that the spiritual basis of working with crystals originates from Atlantis, where a powerful technology for obtaining crystals synthetically had been devised, enabling production of crystals of extended proportions to be used for different purposes.

Amid the great number of crystals that are available, it might be difficult for you to choose the right crystal. There are some important points of choosing crystals that should be considered before making up your mind, such as visual appeal, intuitive attraction and attraction at mental level, and crystal's practical values.

Once the particular crystal has been chosen and purified, for instance, by using the help of one of the four elements (water, fire, earth and air) you can charge and program it. By charging, you associate it with the types and qualities of energy you would like to put within your crystal. By programming, you implant your selected thoughts, feelings, and intentions into the crystal's energy pattern, and afterwards your crystal will amplify and irradiate them back to you.

The color of crystals can be a good indication as to what kind of metaphysical practice or healing practice their specific energies are suitable for.

For example, colorless, white or violet crystals open the door of perception; bring unity with the Universe and transcendental love. Red crystals are symbols of life, vitality, power. They move energies, they worm up. Orange crystals encourage life energy, self-control and regulate the functioning of the sexual glands. Yellow crystals help the indigestion, influence the normal functioning of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and spleen. They release subconscious fears, and promote balance. Green crystals represent the color of love, health, harmony and creativity. They help with heart disorders, regulate the blood pressure, calm the nerves and stimulate love.

Finally, it is important to remember that for eons have crystals been absorbing the omnipresent Cosmic love, amplifying it, and spreading their steady energy vibrations all around them. They have been supporting God's creation, by outpouring their love and spirituality into the world, transmitting the Sun's light, love, and warmth, and along with it, their structural stability. Therefore, it might be comforting to know that they can be your devoted friends, counselors and teachers.

Author's Bio: 

Olga Rezo is a mystic, writer, and painter. She is the founder and leader of the Psychophysical Development Society of Belgrade. She helps the disciples on their spiritual path with her original spiritual development method "Sunny Ray". She is the author of the book "I am who I am", and webmaster of the internet site Sunceva Zraka and its English counterpart Seven light rays.