Cultivate Your Genius

You were born a genius. The whole world opens to you when you acknowledge and express your genius. Usually we define the word genius in association with someone that possesses extraordinary intellectual power. But originally the word genius meant “a guardian spirit of a person.” Using this definition we can evolve the word "genius" into the word “genie,” as in the “genie in the bottle." I believe that each one of us has an extraordinary power that is unique to us, that is the spirit of us. There are no two people alike and when we cultivate our genius, we release our genie out of it's bottle and life suddenly becomes awesome.

How do you cultivate your genius? Begin by investing your energy in celebrating you. Stop comparing yourself to others. When you are critical in a negative way, you will always be able to find someone better than you. Keep in mind, this is only your opinion. It's the judgments based on your own perception. Instead of using your energy to see where you are on the ladder of life, use your energy to assume your place in the circle of life. Begin by identifying your skills and talents.

The next question I usually hear is, “What are my skills and talents? I don’t know." Stop playing dumb, that doesn’t serve anyone. You DO know. You may not recognize your talents and skills because they are natural and come easily for you. When you express them, you feel energized. It is silly for you to believe that everyone else in the world was sent here with a talent but you. Or that everyone else is blessed with the same particular skills that you enjoy and benefit from which in essence minimizes your skills. Or the Universe gave you something you hate to do as your talent! Now really, I assure you that the Universe does not play that game. So give it up.

Give your skills a space to grow. Choose a job or career that uses your talents. Not only will it be rewarding, but also it will give you a place to cultivate your genius.

If your genius is being great with details, find a job that cultivates your genius for details.
If your genius is networking, find a job that cultivates your genius for networking.
If your genius is leadership, find a job that cultivates your genius for leadership.
If your genius is encouraging others, find a job that cultivates your genius for encouraging others.
If your genius is creativity, find a job that cultivates your genius for creativity.
If your genius is nurturing, find a job that cultivates your genius for nurturing.
If your genius is organization, find a job that cultivates your genius for organization.
If your genius is solving problems, find a job that cultivates your genius for solving problems.
If your genius is teaching, find a job that cultivates your genius for teaching.
If your genius is having fun, find a job that cultivates your genius for having fun.
If your genius is entertaining, find a job that cultivates your genius for entertaining.

My latest favorite quote:
“The Universe is not going to see someone like you again in the entire history of creation.”
Vartan Gregorian

You have a beautiful skill and talent that is uniquely yours, your natural inclination. Use it for the good of all. When cultivated, it will bring you joy and pleasure. It will keep you feeling young and alive. Others will notice, benefit and enjoy you. They will invite you to share your talent even more. When you accept that your talent is alive and well and you begin to share it, you will be absolutely amazed by your life. The joy and happiness that will grow inside you will align you with the people, places and situations where your talent is needed. You are a genius. Cultivate it. There is a place in the world for you. Find it. Discover it. Share it. Shine it.

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Sharon Marquart is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, Public Speaker, Teacher and Published Author. Her coaching practice is, Living at Yes, (You Embracing Spirit). She inspires and motivates others to embrace the Spirit of life, to Know their Presence, to Feel their Power and to Live their Passions. Sharon is committed to motivate and inspire others to live their best life. Sharon has written “Living With Soulful Purpose, “ “9 Steps to a Happier Healthier You,” and “4 Principles for Living Abundantly.” She can be reached at or e-mail Sharon