Come to think of it, there is no industry that does not involve customer service; reason why this course was created to help entrepreneurs and employees to understand customer service and its importance.

Customer service is a process whereby a representative of a company provides services or products to a customer in a satisfying manner. Undergoing a course on customer service can drastically change the direction your business is going. It increases customer satisfaction and in the long run yields customer loyalty.

Customer service can occur practically anywhere. The following are just some of the examples:
Personal or face to face
Complaint handling
Bills, payments, documents
Online and/or via email

This customer service course aims to give you a quick run-through on how to improve customer service skills. First, one must understand that no amount of course on customer service can teach the following:
Attitude – having the right attitude is something innate, something that makes up the whole personality of the person.
Commitment – as an entrepreneur, you can’t force an employee to be committed to the job. It must come from within.
Happiness – this trait depends on the person and when you are happy, everything else that’s good follows. You have a positive disposition in life.

Let’s discuss a few simple steps on how to improve customer service.
Smile – an act as such gives a feeling of satisfaction to the customers. Most likely, customers will have an impression that the establishment has good customer service.
Know the customer’s name – customers appreciate it when their name is mentioned by a company representative. It somehow gives the feeling of personalized customer service
Be courteous
Ask for feedback – this way, a customer feels that his/her opinions matter.

A basic customer service course usually includes:
Definition of customer service
Forms of customer service
Achieving excellent customer service
How to deal with different types of customers
How to improve listening skills
Responding skills
Developing personal action steps to improve customer handling

A good customer service course must be personalized according to needs of the participants. They also must learn techniques on how to handle different tricky situations. Another point to be tackled in a good customer service course is to relate to different types of customers and different communication styles. It’s also beneficial to teach non-verbal cues that are ideal as well as how to read the customers’ body language. More often than not, body language speaks more than words. It would also be very helpful that a course on customer service can teach the participants how to empathize with the customers so they can gain the customers’ confidence. Excellent customer service is simple as long you know the basics and you have the passion to achieve it. Without that passion or commitment, you can never succeed in anything in any industry.

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