How many times a day do you lean back in a chair and just let your mind wander?

As a matter of fact I'm doing it right now...

Wonderful images fill your head, daydreams and fantasies of experiences, encounters and magical moments that arouse feelings of positive energy within you.

You can see yourself living a life, a perfect life, your ultimate life...

Maybe you're in a luxury convertible driving in the countryside, getting a massage at a day spa, telling your pilot where you want to fly today or being pampered as a V.I.P. guest at a store for exclusive designer clothes.

Then someone or something wakes you up from your moment of bliss and yanks you back to reality. With a sense of dread and despondency, you feel that you have to wake up and come back to the 'real world'.

But you know which world you would prefer to be in—the world of your daydreams, the life of your fantasies. But how? How could you enter this fantasy world?

Where do these daydreams come from? Where do they reside? What do they mean and how can you merge with this world?

Daydreams, fantasies and visualizations live, thrive and prosper in the home of your 'astral body', within your inner consciousness and become available to you through your subconscious.

They speak to you of not just fantasy, but of what IS possible.

They are hope, they are light, they are a means of drive and motivation, inspiration and creativity.

They are a release of pressure, of energy and of inhibitions.

They can be more than useful, they can be very, very powerful tools if you can actively cultivate and harness their energy and positivity.

And the way to do this is very simple.

First select a particular daydream that encapsulates all that you want. Then by taking the time and making a serious effort to integrate your daydreams and visualizations with feelings of positive energy you can turn them into glimpses into your future world.

They become a mini 'future biography' on the film screen of your mind.

So set some time aside to sit, breathe, relax and dream your way to becoming Famous By Morning!

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