Since the beginning of time, stress has been in our lives. Every era has faced its share of threatening situations. Today, more than ever, the stress of finances, careers, economy, deadlines, conflicts, jobs and the demands of our time and money, take a huge toll on our health. Some say that their stress is light, when in fact, they've just learned to try to cope with it, but it can be, in the end, disastrous to your best health.

Just as a chain tends to break at its weakest link, we seem to exhibit stress and strain in the weakest area of our bodies. These examples which include, the nervous system, upset stomach, allergies, muscles that are stiff or injured, headaches, back pain, difficulty in cognitive thinking, weight gain, and sensitivities to chemicals and additives all cause more stress on the body.

Pharmaceuticals prescribed for stress will often put people in a fog, or will make them tired in conjunction with becoming depressed. Be accountable and read the side effects before you combine meds. It is time to think of alternative methods of stress relief. Natural, organic products are excellent in rebuilding, renewing, and replenishing the frayed nervous system.

The endocrine system (hormonal) is also so important when we talk about high stress and low energy. The adrenals come into important play when one is stressed and upset. Remember, that our bodies are not separate parts but unified in that we must keep all areas strong - for each part to work capably and efficiently to the maximum. In very simple terms, our energy, forms produced by our bodies in many different ways and adrenaline is one form of energy that comes from the adrenals. All body organs and circulatory movements must be conducive to excellent balance and connection to fuel and accelerate our energy system. Expending energy and nervous stress is not the same! We all know those people who are wound tight, incessant talkers and cannot sit still. Do they share their energy or drain yours?

In order to combat stress, we must exercise, keep the blood pressure low, learn how to breathe correctly, deeply and often, and find ways to dismiss and diminish stressful situations. So many individuals create their own stress by finding cause to worry about every rumor, every illness around the world, every scare that could possibly be brought into life, which leads toward an unhealthy nervous system. As we lay more stress on top of initial life stress, it becomes a heavy burden to bear and it can affect people in unhealthy ways.

It has been proven repeatedly that extended stress that is not released, causes physical, emotional and mental harm. A friend asked if she should take one opinion and trust it concerning her teen son who was told he is suffering debilitating headaches due to extreme stress. That did not make enough sense for her comfort. What do you think I told her? Headaches can be caused by severe stress but the details of this case were not completed by that analysis. Search until the answers make more sense to you, until you are at peace with how to proceed. We MUST be accountable for our own health by asking questions and doing the research! De-stress with the steps listed below.

1. Move that body -expel excess physical stress

2. Eat properly for important nutrients- vitamins/minerals/omega oils/fiber/protein

3. Breathe in deeply/exhale completely/ several times a day - you will immediately begin to relax

4. Take natural supplements that will support the nervous and endocrine systems -

5. Surround yourself with positive people - negativity only adds stress

6. Help someone else and see how small your problems may become compared to those who struggle in desperate ways in life - there is always someone who would love to have our health

7. Look around and thank God that you are capable of better health and a more productive life - live with an attitude of gratitude

8. Search for answers that make sense and do not believe only what you want to believe. Reality is valuable in order to learn where we are and what to do to improve life. We must live in reality with great hope for a longer, exceptional healthy life. Check out: - online store

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I am a Natural Health Professional & Consultant - along with other interests (Marketing and Business Building)and education in several areas. Assisting others in health education, attitude, choices and lifestyle are essential to me.

My goals are to increase awareness of our own personal choices in body/mind/spirit to reach for the lasting and best life possible. Thank you for your attention to my articles and blog. I hope to expand and grow in order that I might communicate in a very real way to people who care about health, life, faith and connection. Take action and life will change for the better! Go for it! Jan R. Miesse