Acceptance; when your higher power created you he or she put together a priceless package and you were presented to the world, probably kicking and screaming. Maybe you even scored a perfect 10 on your Virginia Apgar assessment. As your life was beginning, in all probability, it was filled with childhood liveliness, enthusiasm, confidence galore and cheerful experiences. Life was grand and nothing stopped your excitement and positive outlook on you and your future. You agreed with yourself down every twist and turn. Life was the best!

Hmmm…..sounds like an idealistic world, one which you may, or may not, have seen in quite some time. Why? Where did it go? Oh yes, we grew up, handed over our fun pass to life and got on with the chore of being a responsible adult. It kind of sounds like a “get out of jail free card” only the opposite. Well, we are here today to take no prisoners. We are here today to change our attitude and outlook for the entire day; sunrise through sunset.

On this very special day we never know if it will be our last, so why not make it the greatest day ever. I want you to put your needs at the top of the heap. For today don’t worry. There are only 24 hours in this day and some of them you will be sleeping; I want you to act like a child who never second guesses their shape, weight, size, wrinkles or crinkles. I want you to do the best you can to enjoy every moment you are so blessed to be given and see the light and inspiration in each and every moment.

Why? Because you can! Why? Because why not! Living your dream life is entirely in your hands. It is up to you to make it happen, because if you don’t, quite simply, it will not happen! Today you will be tolerant of your beautiful body; you will look at yourself and view a Lovely Lady who is self-assured, self-confident, and certain in her radiance and pure exquisiteness.

To assist in your most brilliant day I would like to share some powerful statements with you that you can reflect upon and include in your journey. Stop right now and verbalize each assertion out loud.

I am a beautiful woman! I am successful!
I love the person I am! I am enduring!
I will make good choices!
I will find a way!
I am strong!
I will take action!

Author's Bio: 

I absolutely adore coaching women toward their health and wellness goals in life. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to hear, see and experience their joy when they find they too possess the power to change their lives.