The real power of relaxation breathing comes when you combine deep breathing exercises with visualization exercises. As you take deep belly breaths, imagine yourself doing the things you want to do, effortlessly. Imagine yourself being the person you want to be.

Studying Ancient disciplines such as Qi Gong can further help you use your breathing to induce a state of peaceful relaxation. Here are five techniques for combining breathing and visualization.

One: Connected Breathing.
If your breath signifies the flow of life energy, you want to keep it moving to connect yourself to the Life Force of the Universe. Connect the in-breath and the out-breath in a smooth and continuous pattern, without interruption. As you do so, visualize yourself as pure energy: as life and light and love.

Microcosmic Breathing.
Take a deep breath and imagine your breath coming in from the bottom of your spine, continuing up your back and going all the way to the top of your head.

Now breathe out from the top of your head, down the front of your body, to the base of your spine. Take another breath and witness the circular path of the air. You might visualize it as an energy orbit of sorts. Try this Microcosmic Breathing for five minutes at a time, or complete a predetermined number of breaths.

Three: Macrocosmic Breathing.
Imagine a figure eight. Take a deep breath, imagining your breath coming from the center of the Earth.

Draw the energy up into your body through the balls of your feet, up the front of your legs to the bottom of the spine, then up your back to the top your head. Imagine the sun shining on your breath.

Now breathe out from the top of your head, feeling the sun's warmth as it illuminates your entire body.

Continue the out-breath: down the front of your body to the base of the spine, then down the back of your legs, through the heels of your feet, back to the center of the earth.

Let go of any negative thoughts as you exhale. Allow them to return to the earth. Draw the positively transformed energy back up through you.

If you feel tension during this exercise, imagine the Earth filling that part of your body with light and health and healing.

Four: Metacosmic Breathing.
Begin with Macrocosmic Breathing. As you breathe in, imagine yourself growing larger and larger. You are a giant with enormous wings that spread larger and larger as you grow.

You are now larger than the entire universe. On the out-breath, gently close your wings, collecting all of the energy from your breath. As you breathe out again, feel the power of your breath. Then breathe out and expand your wings once more.

Five: Triplecosmic Breathing.
Triplecosmic Breathing is simply a series of breathing exercises: the Microcosmic Breath, followed by the Macrocosmic Breath, followed by the Metacosmic Breath.

When you work frequently with your breath, you will find yourself naturally turning to your awareness of your breath in times of stress.

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