Are you ready to stop “Pretending” to “BE”
An Honest & Deliberate Conscious Creator?

Deliberate Conscious Creation requires 100% HONESTY about “What is” because the 11th commandment is, “Thou Shall Not BS thy Self.”

Deliberate Conscious Creation requires the inner faith that you have Godlike powers. Meaning, that you have “emotionalized” that you are a Deliberate Conscious Creator, as opposed to being in “intellectual agreement" that you are a child of God.

Your daily “Attention” on the consistent “actions” that you “believe” will manifest your “intentions” (See Intention-Attention SMA) are what make you a… Deliberate Conscious Creator! This is what built HLC, not the incarnate called “little Joey.”

Pretending is imagination, without the inner faith, that you can do whatever it takes, to have and experience what you want to manifest.

Pretending is your ego “resisting” what your soul decided to make into a 4th Level Belief (p. 43).

Compulsive unconscious pretending is motivated by F.E.A.R. and it is a unique type of Dis-honesty.

This unconscious, compulsive, fear-based dis-honesty, is a mental plague that has infected our meta-community. The symptoms manifest as a “Be-ing” pretending to be a deliberate conscious creator, but in actuality they are behaving as Pre-mature, Positive Thinkers (PPT- p. 34) and Magical Believers (p. 98).

To be a deliberate conscious creator, your Word must BE Law unto You. This is what creates the electromagnetic power that electrifies your Intentions, which allows you to tap into the Universal, God-Source Energy, so that you can deliberately manifest your desires (See Word as Law SMA).

Honesty is the path that leads to happiness and Self-empowerment. Be-ing honest is an act of Self-renewal. Emotional honesty takes courage. Emotional intimacy is impossible without emotional Honesty (Lesson 4).

F.E.A.R. - is a false “belief” that you can’t manifest what you desire to experience.

To act as a deliberate conscious creator, you must be the "puppeteer" of your life, instead of being used as the “puppet” by your E.G.O. mind.

It takes just as much WORK to deliberately create as it does to consciously dis-create.

You need to master both deliberate conscious creation, and dis-creation techniques to be a professional spiritual life coach.

Mastering the "subtle technique" of deliberate Self-programming is an "art" that all Self-mastered Be-ings possess (See Self-programming SMA).

If you ceaselessly follow the five Self-programming rules, than only two things can happen, with one being obvious and the other being extremely subtle. The obvious thing is that you will manifest what it is that you want to experience. The not so obvious thing is that you could surface what it is that you need to heal and learn, so that you can manifest what it is that you want to experience. Many holistic people go unconscious to the second outcome, and as such they miss God’s “diagnostic gift”. Their ego-mind resists owning the uncomfortable truth about what needs to be healed or learned, which is reason for celebration, not aggravation.

Lesson three, in your Self-mastery textbook (as well as your nine Secret SMAs) taught you how to Self-program (p.50) your sub-conscious mind with any 4th Level Belief that you want to experience--- so what are you waiting for? Start now to co-create a life that the God’s themselves would envy!

Begin right now to co-create what you already know is your spiritual purpose for living. You already know that you want to do work you love, as a full time dharmic career. You already know that “I teach what I most need to learn and heal.” You already know that “I heal one soul at a time starting with mine.” So stop reading this, and start co-creating with God your 4th Level, unique and personal Self-programs.

After you have self-programmed your Intentions for at least 90-days, then surrender the “How” and “When” to God knowing that what you desire will come to pass, when it has germinated.

When you E.G.O. tries to make you feel like you are still a small, weak, powerless WIC, who is incapable of achieving your Intentions (which it surely will) be sure to have a positive, short sub modifier (p51) handy to repeat 25X until you feel spiritually grounded again.

Don’t allow your ego produced F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal (F.E.A.R.) to stop you from Self-programming what you were born to do, which is to, in your own unique way--- SAVE…the Humans!

A HU NOTE: If any of the above HLC terms confuses you in any way
look them up in the Index of your Self-mastery book.


Instructions: Answer these questions in first party, using “I” instead of “you.” Answer the questions in such a way that it demonstrates your understanding of this lesson, as well as your understanding of how you can use this knowledge to help you achieve Self-mastery.

1. What is required in order for you to become a Deliberate Conscious Creator?
2. What is a 4th Level Belief?
3. Why is it important to be 100% honest about "what is" if you want to manifest 4th level beliefs as a deliberate conscious creator? (See lesson three in your SM textbook)
4. Why is inner faith a requirement to be a Deliberate Conscious Creator?
5. What is the difference between "emotionalizing" that you are a Deliberate Conscious Creator as opposed to merely being in "intellectual agreement??”
6. Why does your daily "Attention" need to be focused on you Intentions to manifest as a Deliberate Conscious Creator?
7. What is meant by “unconscious pretending?”
8. List ways that have you unconsciously pretended in the past?
9. How will your ego attempt to "resist" what you want to manifest, especially when you first begin to Self-program your 4th Level Beliefs?
10. What is compulsive unconscious pretending?
11. Why is F.E.A.R. a unique type of Dis-honesty?
12. What are the symptoms of unconscious, compulsive, fear-based dis-honesty?
13. Why is it unconsciously dis-honest to behave as a Pre-mature, Positive Thinker (PPT) or a Magical Believer?
14. Why is emotional intimacy impossible without emotional honesty?
15. What does acting as the "puppeteer" of your life mean?
16. Why do your deliberate self-programs need to be written in the past tense?
17. Why do your deliberate self-programs need to vibrate with feelings of gratitude?
18. Name seven ways that you can “work” to deliberately and consciously create your desires?
19. Why do you need to master both deliberate conscious creator and dis-creation techniques to be a professional spiritual life coach?
20. What are the two things that can happen to you if you ceaselessly self-program 4th level beliefs?
21. Why is mastering deliberate Self-programming an "art" that all Self-mastered Be-ings possess?
22. If you knew that you could manifest anything you wanted, what would you manifest for yourself this year?
23. Surface seven answers to this sentence completion, “What I just learned about Honesty is…
24. Surface seven answers to this sentence completion, “What I just learned about Pretending is…”
25. Surface seven answers to this sentence completion, “What I just learned about Deliberate Conscious Creation is…”

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