Picture this: There is a gorgeous bird winging its way across a beautiful clear sky, eluding the reach of a grasping human hand, and in the background is an ineffectual bird cage lying askew, its door broken and swinging open. Emerging from the bottom of the cage is part of a man’s face signifying perhaps that this is a breaking free of the human mind, perhaps an unfettering from the shackles that humanity itself places upon us. So is this a painting or work of art that I talk about? Well not really, but you could term it as pop art or contemporary graphic design. This is a tee shirt design, which won a ‘design a t shirt contest’, the theme being ‘Let your mind be Free!’ The designer won a handsome prize of $750 for this winning entry.

After all the design of a t shirt is a reflection of culture as it evolves as it changes and transforms itself. It can be a representation of urban angst, political leanings, religious or charitable affiliation, fan club of a celebrity, student of a particular school, one of any number of different things.

So many sites that sell t shirts online often give the option of a design contest for tees. This way all manner of different entries are submitted, getting an interesting cross section of ideas and thoughts, represented in all kinds of varied ways. Further the sites that hold these contests sell these t shirts online as well, so that people can buy and wear several unusual and remarkable styles, as a result of the tshirt contest.

Some sites also offer the option of designing your own custom Shirts, Sweatshirts and merchandise. You can create and upload your own artwork and see the finished product online. So if you have the urge to express your creativity or your own unique ideas you can enter one from among any design t shirt contest. Even if you feel you may not want to design a t shirt you can still customize one and personalize it with your own name or picture or that of a friend or loved one. So you can give the Obama for President a miss and substitute your own candidature for it with a Tom / Dick / Harry for President.

Now picture this again: Gaping wide jaw, with demonic looking teeth and a lolling red tongue with a simple tag line, Born Wild. Or this: picture of a video camera in mono chrome, with only the record button in red color, with the words I have right to shoot at sight / I am Media. Again the lettering is in black except for the word media. These are just a couple of examples of the t-shirts available at this tee shirt design site that always has an ongoing graphic t-shirt design competition. Based on the votes cast by members, winners from among all the contestants who submitted their designs will be chosen. The winner gets a cash prize and anyone has the option of buying any of the t shirts.

So no one needs to ever run out of ideas for what to put on a t-shirt; you never have to say the words I don’t have a thing to wear again!

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You can find numerous wacky and funny tshirts on Inkfruit.com. There is an ongoing graphic design contest that you can participate in and win cash prizes if your tshirt design is chosen a winner.