Seven years ago, author and Intent Voice Beth Greer was shocked to discover that she had a tumor the size of a tennis-ball in her chest when she went to the doctor to check up on a mysterious shoulder pain. Though the tumor was found to be benign, Beth decided to find a way to shrink her chest tumor by arming herself with the best alternative health information she could find. In addition to eliminating processed and other artificial foods from her diet, Beth started using self-care and home products with more natural ingredients. Six months later, her mysterious shoulder pains had completely disappeared. Six months after that, medical scans revealed that her chest tumor was now gone as well.

For the rest of our benefit, Beth used the lessons learned from her medical scare as an inspiration for her latest book "Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home and Planet, One Room at a Time." Consider for a moment a simple fact many of us forget: unnatural substances are constantly circulating in and out of our body. They enter our bodies through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the lotions and make-up we apply on our porous skin. By centering our own bodies and home as an microcosmic example of the greater home planet we all share, Beth's book educates all of us to be more aware of "what goes in my body, on my body, and surround my body."

During our conversation, Beth offers many useful tips for Intent community members who are just starting out and not sure where to start. Beth also speaks about the latest news on plastic bottles, and how a study by the Center of Disease Control on newborns show just how much more we need to educate ourselves about the toxins that exist in our everyday environments.

"Super Natural Home" is the wake-up call that all of us need. It doesn't mean we all have to live out in the woods and swear off civilization--yet. We do, however, need to be much more vigilant about the everyday choices we make, such as the cereal we eat for breakfast or the brand of lipstick we wear. I highly encourage all of you to pick up a copy of "Super Natural Home" from your nearest bookstore or local library today. The information you learn and the action steps you take will be a lifelong gift to yourself, your loved ones, and our planet at large.

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