Why doesn't diet always work?
Why do people start diets yet fail to lose weight?
And why do people give up before having the ideal body shape they are after?

There are lots of reasons behind the failure of any diet, below are some of them:

* People reach a state where they cant take it anymore and they cant even hear the word "diet"
* People feel that they are preventing themselves from doing what they like as if they are in a jail
* People feel that they are abnormal compared to their friends who don't diet
* People incorrectly associate they extra weight with their food intake instead of their eating and exercising habits
* People undergo extreme diets to the extent that they sometimes faint

so sick of dieting

Why do you think people get bored of their jobs or of doing certain tasks?
people usually never hate the task itself but they hate the bad emotions associated with the task, for example, if every time you started working you became stressed and felt bad eventually you will end up hating work.

As you can see your job has nothing to do with the feelings of hatred you had but its the emotions you experienced while doing the job that made you feel so.

Bad anchors and dieting

A bad anchor is formed when emotions are associated with a certain task in such a way that you recall the emotion whenever you do the task. Now you might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with dieting?

some people have formed bad anchors with diets in such a way that they can no longer undergo a diet nor can they even hear the word "diet". There are lots of ways to remove bad anchors but in such a case where the anchor is associated with dieting there is a better solution which is to avoid dieting itself!

people who undergo extreme diets usually end up with bad anchors associated with dieting and so fail to lose weight. Research has proven that long term life style changes are much more effective in weight loss than diets that end up with bad anchors.

if you have formed bad anchors because of dieting and if you really want to lose weight then you should focus on life style changes instead of focusing on changing your diet.

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