“Diets don’t work” is the latest slogan being used by non-diet and even diet approaches for weight loss. Instinctively, we know the slogan is true - diets don’t work, people that lose weight by dieting usually regain it, plus some! This happens because of the Law of Polarity; you can only deprive yourself for so long before you can’t stand it any longer and then eat, possibly everything in sight, allowing yourself to make up for the deprivation. It’s the yo-yo cycle that many people experience.

It’s time to stop that cycle and start using our minds. Yes, our minds. Guided imagery, a mind/body technique used for decades, is now increasingly being used in weight management programs. “Oh, right!” I can hear some of you saying, “I’m going to use my mind to lose weight? I don’t think so!” Don’t be too quick to write off this powerful visualization practice; research has proven it works and I’ve been observing my clients using it successfully for the last five years.

Guided imagery is a mind-body intervention aimed at incorporating the “power of the mind” to assist the body to lose weight and it fits perfectly with the non-diet approach to releasing weight that I recommend. Read on to find out more about this powerful technique.

Guided imagery defined:
The primary aim of guided imagery is to “gently guide” you to a state where your mind is calm, silent and still. Then, through imagery, either created internally or by following along on an imagery tape/CD, the mind communicates with the body. Imagery is the biological connection between the mind and body. A visualization where you see yourself releasing weight, programs the subconscious mind to do what you want later after the imagery session is over.

It has been proven over and over again that what you are imagining right now will be what your life gives you in the future. Very often our mental image is in conflict with what we want to accomplish. However, if you align your mental image with your intentions and affirmations, you create a powerful roadmap for your subconscious to deliver to you everything that you want and more.

Guided imagery works:
Guided imagery, in general, has been used by athletes since the 1980s and researchers have found the study of why and how it works very interesting. They’ve discovered that your brain does NOT know the difference between you vividly imagining something or actually doing that same activity.

I was captivated watching Michael Phelps at the 2008 Summer Olympics but especially loved his comment when it was over: "Nothing is impossible," Phelps said. "With so many people saying it couldn't be done, all it takes is an imagination, and that's something I learned and something that helped me." I believe that what he meant by imagination was the power of visualization.

We can all be like Michael Phelps, by believing that nothing is impossible and using our imagination to create what we want in our life. But first, you have to know what you want. For Phelps, that was easy – he’s had this goal for many years. Then he mentally saw himself winning in every event – that was his imagination part. Next he took action by practicing untold hours. And finally, he believed it was possible. Michael Phelps showed the world the Law of Attraction in action!

So if you want to release excess pounds, you too can use your imagination. In fact, current published research supports the use of guided imagery for weight loss. Several studies suggest that people that listen to a weight loss guided imagery tape or CD, while participating in a weight reduction program, lose an average of twice as many pounds as their counterparts that listen to music only.

My clients that used a guided imagery CD during a 9 day cleanse that I occasionally recommend, consistently lost 3 more pounds during the 9 days than their counterparts who choose not to use guided imagery. So this technique can help you release unwanted pounds easily and effortlessly.

Guided imagery tips:
It is best to listen to guided imagery for at least 20 minutes daily, for 21 days, to ensure that you’re absorbing all of the information. It does not matter if you fall asleep while listening, the images are still received by your subconscious. As you keep forming these pleasant mental pictures, seeing yourself energetic and at your goal weight, you’ll find yourself more motivated to make them a reality.

To prepare for your listening experience, loosen your clothing, take off your shoes and sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on your bed. Dim the lights, if you prefer. Close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths. Start your guided imagery CD/tape. As you relax your mind and body, you become more receptive to the mental stimuli given and less critical of the information as it filters into your subconscious.

Guided imagery continues working:
My clients use their image of themselves at their goal weight to help stay on track and make healthy choices. You can do that, too. The image should invoke all of your senses in helping you to achieve your weight management goal. Consequently, the more vividly you imagine, the more powerful its impact. Try this, when you are in a situation where you are about to eat something you know is not the best choice, relax for about 30 seconds and recall your guided imagery. Remember what you looked like and how you felt at your goal weight. Then say an affirmation, such as “I make healthy food choices.” about 10 times. In fact, many people do this every time they sit down to eat. This tip can help you eat more sensibly and reinforce your commitment to releasing weight.

Get started with guided imagery today! When your thoughts are focused on imagining success, your subconscious mind will direct your conscious mind and body toward that goal. Nothing else is possible!!

Author's Bio: 

Pat Altvater, M.A., author and trainer, is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach whose passions include presenting keynotes, lectures, workshops, and retreats for corporations, organizations, and/or individuals for over 20 years. You can learn more about her guided imagery CD for releasing weight, Transformations Trilogy – Body CD at www.guidedimagerytoreleaseweight.com and her non-diet approach to releasing weight at www.thesecretofpermanentweightloss.com. She just released her second book, Journey to WOW – Ignite the Power Within to help readers attract the outcomes they desire.
Use Guided Imagery to Release Weight