In various cultures, the importance of creating a peaceful, simplistic place to live and grow has been well known for many years. The Quakers, Amish, Buddhists, and other various groups all support a minimalist approach in relation to their spaces. These are all teachings and philosophies that date back hundreds and thousands of years.

In the Chinese culture, Feng Shui at its most simple form can be described as the art of arranging objects and creating harmony and balance in our homes or workspaces. Interestingly enough, one of the main focuses, and the first of many steps in this ancient practice, is to clear out the clutter. Even without the addition of the other elements of Feng Shui, a person can benefit immensely just by taking that first step.

Organization has become somewhat of an art form in its own right. But you don’t have to feel as if you have to live in a monastery in order to incorporate some of the beliefs into your surroundings. There are many elements that you can adopt in order to emulate the core of these basic principals without adopting the culture, belief or religion as a whole.

For our purposes here, clutter is described as anything that we no longer use, love, need or want in our lives. These may be physical items such as personal belongings and paper clutter, or even intangible things like bad memories or negative thoughts. In Feng Shui, as well as with the Law of Attraction and prosperity teachings, the actual effects of clearing clutter provide many lasting benefits:

• Removing clutter helps to release negative energy and that “drained” feeling many people who live with an abundance of clutter experience.
• When you clear out clutter, you make it possible for more positive things to come into your life, whether they are tangible items or not; money, serenity, love, that hot new dress!
• Your mind becomes clearer and more focused when you have liberated yourself from the negative clutter that has been holding you down.
• Studies have linked clutter and chronic disorganization to feelings of depression and anxiety. Eliminating clutter can help promote the healing process.
• Your overall perception of the world around you is affected by your immediate surroundings. By purging excess clutter in your home, your outlook in other areas of your life improves.

While the art of Feng Shui is relatively new in some areas, it is quickly becoming a more accepted method for bringing a sense of balance and tranquility to our spaces. By applying the practice of clearing out clutter, as suggested by Feng Shui experts, organizational enlightenment can be achieved and the results can be amazing.

Excerpts taken from the book, A Life Less Cluttered: Expert Secrets to Your Own Organizing Epiphany, by Christine Rice.

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Christine Rice, professional organizer and author of her newest book, A Life Less Cluttered: Expert Secrets to Your Own Organizing Epiphany, works with the “organizationally challenged” to help them become better organized through learning and developing the traits and characteristics common to organized people. Discover organizational enlightenment today at .