As a child I watched in awe as the gray Kansas background burst into full color and Dorothy stepped out of the door of her house into a brilliantly colored Munchkin Land in “The Wizard of Oz.” It was magical! It made my heart soar!

From that time, on Rainbows and songs about Rainbows have held a special place in my heart and little did I dream that this fascination with Rainbows would culminate fifty years later as part of my Spiritual work. I am a Spiritual Intuitive and I receive information from my Spirit guides about personal energy management and in this case the importance of balancing our individual Rainbow colors to assist in balancing our energy.

Some believe the Rainbow is a promise from the Divine. They believe that someday and somewhere over the Rainbow they will find their pot of gold, their perfect life will happen, someday. The simple truth is that someday is NOW. It is not just a promise it can be our reality. Our pot of gold can be found every day as we learn to live in balance and peace reflecting the full balanced spectrum of the Rainbow’s colors. There isn’t a special place of happiness and joy over the Rainbow. It is all found within you. The energy of the colors is the energy of spirit/source that is available to each of us every day. We can use this energy to heal ourselves and our relationships.

In my Rainbow Workshop I have been teaching the power of working consciously with the Rainbow energy and the vibrations of the colors within our body’s energy centers. Each one of us is reflecting the healing energy of each color. Each color of the Rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple reflects its particular vibration. Each color compliments all other colors. When in balance we are a big beautiful Rainbow of radiating living energy.

Individually, each of us is radiating our own unique color balance. When we are not using a particular color or are overusing another we are out of balance either emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. Some of our colors will be very weak and dim and others may shine so bright they will burn out. When we learn to work equally with the full spectrum of Rainbow colors we are able to bring yourselves into balance on all levels.

Every color of the Rainbow has its own energy. We each have unique emotions and feelings that happen when relating to the energy of each color. Discover what’s behind your choice of colors that appeal to you and those you reject.

“Somewhere over the Rainbow” is here and now, in the present moment. When you explore the Rainbow connection and fully embrace the power of each color, you live the ultimate union, the connection with the Divine while in physical form. There are simple, easy to use, exercises that can give you insights and information about how you can consciously balance your colors to discover your “pot of gold”.

One simple exercise is to “Live the week in Rainbow color order”

As you walk through the week focus each day on an individual color. Perhaps keep a daily color journal of your thoughts and emotions and what happens each day in regards to each color. Wear the appropriate color for each day of the week. I was guided to start the week on Monday with the color Red. You may find it interesting to take note of the colors in your clothes closet as you go through the week.

Starting Monday in Rainbow order with Red

1. Wear the color red
2. Immerse yourself in the energy of this color
3. Eat red food such as tomatoes
4. Think about the color red
5. What does red feel like i.e. anger, passion, connection to Mother Earth
6. Look at your interactions today based on red
7. Be creative - do a color bath, jewelry, ties, or hair accessories

Monday--Red--Relationship with Mother Earth
Tuesday--Orange--Relationship with others
Wednesday--Yellow--Relationship with self
Thursday--Green--Connection to your Heart
Friday--Blue--Ability to Communicate with others
Saturday--Indigo--Connection to your intuition
Sunday--Purple--Connection with your source, the creator the divine whatever you call God

As you go through the week you will get insights as to what areas you are in and out of balance in your life. As you focus on one color at a time and live the whole day in total awareness you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself and others.

You are the Living Rainbow. You can discover your Pot of Gold as you balance your Rainbow colors, not somewhere over the Rainbow, somewhere right here on planet Earth.

Author's Bio: 

Joan Campbell is a spiritual intuitive/psychic. She offers Soul Calling Intuitive Readings that provide the next step on your soul path & facilitates Soul Calling Intensives - DNA Repatterning and Rebalancing for deep level healing of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Joan is the author of The Synergistic Energy Connection and Journey Back in Time with Jesus, books with CDs, available on her website or She also has recorded two guided imagery CDs: The Rainbow Swirl and The Golden Seed to assist in bringing more energy into your life and to connect you more fully with both the physical body and the soul self.

She presents seven original workshops that empower people and bring peace and balance into their lives and offers Spirit Circles for groups. Joan is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch practitioner and ordained in the Order of Melchizedek.

The ultimate goal of my work is to provide tools to help people heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everyone, no matter what their level of conscious living is, can use what I teach and offer.