"While practicing a little mindful eating today I discovered a glorious source of gratitude--colors! While I was concentrating on a potato mindfully, the thought suddenly arose--how would you describe the taste of a potato...and from there my monkey mind jumped to...how would one describe a color, like blue. ('Monkey mind' is a mindfulness term which describes how the mind jumps from thought to thought the way a monkey jumps wildly from branch to branch in a tree.)"

--digital843 in a blog on mindful eating produced by BeliefNet.com

Not Enough for Tomorrow

Those who come from a sense of lack are concerned with having enough to eat. They desire quantity and want to be full, because they are not sure where the next meal is coming from. They are afraid of hunger and tend to choose white starches and carbohydrates because they are cheap and filling.

Sufficient, Good Tasting, and Affordable

Those who vibrate at a higher level most of the time are not concerned that there will be enough food; they just know there will be sufficient for their needs. They want an assurance the food will taste good and that it will be a good value for their money. My mother taught me that in order to be well balanced nutritionally; a plate should have at least four colors on it.

Dining, Not Just Eating

Those who are operating on a mindful and intuitive level know there is an abundance of food, which it will be palatable and they want all of their senses to be nourished. They want beautifully prepared and presented portions. They require not only food for the body, but to be spiritually filled. Watch someone dine rather than just eat or gobble down an exquisitely prepared dish, they savor the aroma, the texture, the colors and the garnishes which enhance the flavor.

"Suddenly I became--for the first time--really aware of all the colors in the food court of the mall where I was eating and realized for the very first time in my life I was actually AWARE of and grateful for all the colors in our life...."

--digital843 in a blog on mindful eating produced by BeliefNet.com

At different times in our lives and days, we manifest all different levels of eating styles. When we take the time to be aware of what we are eating and bless the hands that grew it, prepared it and served it, we recognize the beauty of food and it’s relevancy to our life.

The colors become more vivid and the tastes more succulent, when you mindfully see what is on your plate as a gift from the universe.

The universe tells us that there is more than enough so relax and enjoy your dinner.

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