Did you ever see the TV game show, Concentration? It was a show that came out in the 1950s. Basically it was a combination of a children’s match game and solving of a puzzle. The puzzle was a rebus puzzle, which is made up of a combination of pictures, words and numbers that when taken together form a well-known phrase or thing.

The TV game show involved two contestants calling out two numbers at a time trying to find the paired pictures located behind the same numbers on the large concentration board. If one contestant failed to find a match the other would take a turn. When a match was made, both pictures were removed from the board and they would reveal part of the rebus puzzle underneath. With each match, more of the puzzle was revealed until a contestant was able to see enough of the puzzle to solve it.

It was very difficult to see any pattern to the puzzle early on in the game. Few contestants would even venture to guess the answer at this point in the game. However as more and more of the picture was seen, it became much easier to guess its true nature.

This game show is very similar to identifying your own Dream. Early on it may be frustrating as everything seems confusing and perhaps contradicting. Pieces of the puzzle don’t seem to make any sense. “How could taking apart a radio and a toaster when I was 10 be a career?” some people wonder out loud.

The key is not to panic at this stage. Just as in the show, if you hang in there and keep finding matches, you will be able to see and then solve the puzzle of your Dream.

It would be great if you could just peel back all of the cards blocking the puzzle on your Dream Concentration Board and then get someone else to solve it for you. However, in reality it is not that easy because the cards have been slowly piling up on top of your board each time you deny or turn away from your passions and purpose.

Take solace in the fact that you will find your own unique Dream Path if you put the effort into revealing your own puzzle. It takes work, patience and some quiet reflection.

Think about it. Most people are not doing what they love at work. If it was easy, that would not be the case. But everyone I have ever worked with has discovered their Dream if they persisted long enough and didn’t give up at the first obstacle.
P.S. I will discuss more about obstacles in my next newsletter.

Live Your Dreams
Dr. Samuel Gerstein, CDO
Dreams For Real

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Gerstein is a medical doctor with over twenty years’ experience helping people with their physical and mental challenges. Having examined over 70,000 patients as an emergency physician, Dr. Gerstein has witnessed first-hand the toll work stress takes on people’s health. Being dissatisfied with the current treatment, and after finding a paucity of information on work satisfaction and health, Dr. Gerstein undertook his own independent research study over 4 years under the direction of his company, Dreams For Real Inc. He interviewed over 200 people who were living their dreams at work. Some of the insights gained from this innovative research is revealed in his just released book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor’s Orders.

The research motivated Dr. Gerstein to open his own psychotherapy practice and begin facilitating workshops, where he assists others in overcoming limiting beliefs and in discovering and doing what they really want in life. A Dream Career has been proven to not only improve a person’s state of mind but also one’s physical health.