What is it about discovering something new or interesting that opens our eyes and hearts a little bit wider? Our breath slows, our thoughts cease, and we move into the present moment to really experience the newness. It’s in this space where everything else stops dominating our perceptions that we really see things for the first time.

It may be when we taste something fresh and yummy, smell a scintillating scent, feel a luxurious texture, see a wondrous sight, or experience a unique sensation. It may also be when we learn something new about a person, the world or ourselves. Whatever the discovery, it gives us an opportunity to move past preconceived ideas and expand our awareness a little further.

Because everyone and everything is constantly changing, we can discover the newness in people, things and ourselves on a daily basis. When approaching life from a place of discovery, we let go of judgments and past time pictures and instead see situations and people with a fresh perspective and on a deeper level. What a gift we give to ourselves and others from this open, neutral place.

To gain insights on your experience of discovery, ask yourself these questions:

* When was the last time you discovered something new – a taste, a smell, a sight, a place, a person or experience? What did you enjoy about it? What are your favorite things to discover?

* What happens to you when you are in a place of discovery? What happens to your thoughts, emotions and awareness?

* What have you discovered about yourself lately? What would it be like to explore your own inner domain?

Try these inspiring ideas to move into a place of discovery:

* Experience living from a place of discovery. Really taste your food to notice the subtleties. Smell the air around you when walking in the woods or by the ocean. See all the colors out in nature. Hear the nuances in someone’s voice.

* The next time you are with a person you know quite well, begin to view them from a place of discovery; notice what’s new about them and who they are underneath the layers of their personality.

* Much like exploring a new vista we can be awed by or our own inner dimensions. Take some time to discover who you really are, what you really enjoy and how you experience your life.

Author's Bio: 

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach and Author of the book, From Chaos to Calm, and the CD, Create What You Want In Your Life. For more information on her powerful Transformational Session, to read additional articles, or to sign up for the monthly complimentary e-zine, Insights and Inspiration, please visit www.ginigrey.com