I had a beautiful weekend walking by the river with a friend in the glorious sunshine. Whilst we were strolling, my friend started to talk about the animal kingdom and she asked me which animals I liked and what my preferences were.

I said to her, "what do you think the difference is between you and a dog?" She naturally described the physical feature differences. I then suggested to her that she simply had a different body and was more intelligent because of having a more evolved brain. BUT essentially, it is the same 'life force' running both bodies.

I explained to her that her body was made up of tiny cells and that each cell was capable of regenerating any part of her body, even her whole embodiment. She accepted that this was possible and made reference to 'Dolly the sheep'.

I then asked her, "what is the difference between cells in a sheep's body and cells in your body?" She couldn't answer this. Well, apart from the intercellular fluid (water), according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, cells are basically made up of 50% DNA and 50% proteins (chains of amino acids).

The answer then is simple, a different arrangement of DNA (software of the cells) and slightly different chemistry, but the same life force. It's a bit like having two different computer systems; say a PC and a Mac. They have different operating systems and different software but it's the same electricity that brings them to life.

The life force is God and it's holding everything together with the love that it is.

Without your Spirit & Soul your heart would not beat, your lungs would not inhale or exhale automatically and your body would not be able to digest the food you eat. Without God operating through your subconscious mind you would have to re-learn every body function everyday! Imagine getting up in the morning and having to learn to walk again!

Without the love of God you simply wouldn't exist and neither would the dogs, the birds, the bees or the trees. It's the same God working through different software (DNA) and slightly different chemistry.

In his brilliant video (available from www.astralpulse.com) Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that historically all medical texts have explained evolution and behaviour STARTING with DNA and ignoring the role of proteins and the environment in cellular health. Bruce explains how this is flawed and shows us, scientifically, how environmental stimulus 'triggers' intercellular proteins; and it is these proteins that enact the DNA.

It follows then, that a cancer gene lies dormant until the environment stimulates it.

This explains why we get 'pockets of disease' where people live in hazardous environments. However, to fully understand cellular health we can no longer ignore the role of consciousness i.e. our own thinking.

Dr. Lipton shows us that our general health is not so much affected by our environment directly but our PERCEPTION of it, and his colleague goes one step further by linking perception (belief) to cellular health and behaviour. So we now have the science to back up what Ramtha has been telling us all along - that 'attitude is everything'.

Our perception of our environment is simply how we filter it through our own thought processes, indeed, through our attitudes. And because our attitudes are polarised (judgemental), these positive/negative thoughts are being communicated to every cell in our bodies via our chemical/electrical pathways.

If you want to move your arm, that thought is being communicated chemically, to cause synaptic firing in your brain for the relevant nerves to work. Similarly, an unloving thought, chemically baths all your cells in that thought via your hormones.

Dr. Lipton further explains that cellular health, growth and reproduction respond favourably to thoughts of love (stable, unpolarised thoughts) whereas our attitudes that are not loving cause degeneration (ageing) and eventual death of the body.
What Dr. Lipton refers to as 'perception' and his colleague refers to as 'belief' can perhaps be better referred to as attitude because an attitude can either be a belief (somebody else's truth) or your own truth based upon your own experiences; even though the conclusion of those experiences can be founded upon a previously held belief, which can distort your point of view away from love.

It is therefore your attitudes that prevent you from looking at your environment (and the people in it) with love.

Loving attitude = perfect health = eternal life.
Unloving attitude = cellular decay = mortal life.

A masterful person knows that what really feeds body cells is knowledge (love) and when consciousness is expanding we have cellular growth, repair and reproduction.

So how can we ever die if we love unconditionally and continue to learn?

Life is not about what's going on around you but what's going on inside of you. It is a myth that you will get cancer because it's in your family genes but you probably will get it if you think like those family members that left this world because of it.

This science also dispels another myth - that 'you are what you eat'. That statement is ignorant and offensive to the truth of your nature. It doesn't matter how many times you run around the block or whether you are a 'veggie', you're still going to age and die if you don't love unconditionally. That is not to say that taking a moderate amount of exercise and consuming a varied diet doesn't help to make your body healthy because we know that it does. However, it is certain that most of us have ignored the role of consciousness - that people who look after themselves are more self-loving than those who don't. Self-neglect is a lack of self-love.

Not withstanding the above, should this be where your focus is - on your body? Or should you be focusing on exercising and feeding your greatest organ - your brain? After all is said and done, it is your brain that facilitates the expansion of your mind.

Expanding mind = cell regeneration.
Contracting mind = cell degeneration.

All disease firstly starts in your mind. Neurologically 'hard-wired' unloving attitudes will eventually 'have their way' with your body.

You have Arthritis - what do you fear?
Diabetes - why are you greedy?
Cancer - who/what do you hate/resent if not yourself?

So can perfect health be as simple as changing your mind? This science says YES but you're only going to know if you do so.

How then do we change our stubborn minds?

1. Repeat loving affirmations (conscious mind programming)

2. Programme subconscious mind with the same affirmations and ensure there's no opposing views coming from it. Command any antagonistic views to make themselves known and they will. Here are eight modified examples of loving affirmations taken from Dr. Lipton's video:

"I command my subconscious mind to take on board the following affirmations and for them to replace any and all thoughts that oppose them from being my truth. My system is ready and able to run these new programmes."

1. I can accomplish anything I desire.
2. I am a worthy and valuable person.
3. I am very intelligent and very capable.
4. I do my best and that's enough for me.
5. I easily attract money into my life and I manage it wisely.
6. I love myself and I love all life.
7. I deserve to have joy in my life.
8. I have a loving attitude and that keeps my body in perfect health.

To finish this article I would just like to comment on a science programme that I have recently watched on television.

Scientists have now discovered that all matter is comprised from just 92 atoms (the building blocks of life) and combinations thereof. And what holds it all together is the unseen 'dark force' they call gravity. They have discovered that our sun and moon are composed of the same stuff as our earth; so these are not far away celestial beings but are closer to home than we think.

Indeed, everything is made of the same stuff because 'God made manifest' is the 92 atoms! And what holds the atomic structures together is the unconditional love of God. So your body is composed of the same 92 atoms as the chair you are sitting on, the home you live in and the dog you stroke. Indeed, God IS the bird, the bee, the flower, the tree and you and me.

Science has now given credence to the wise statements of mystics who have said, "I am a part of all I can see and all I can see is a part of me."

You know, we have a bunch of powerful fools on this planet. The 'Christian Crusaders' are out to implement their own agenda of control under the guise of democracy. They have already turned our world into a 'captive money-making machine' at the detriment of our environment; the very platform that allows them to play out their silly illusions.

Fortunately, for mankind, these selfish people will not prevail in the long term, because Mother Nature will eventually rid us of their disease. That is the one power they cannot entirely control - God in its most visible form - the female bosom of nature.

Unfortunately, the death toll and suffering will continue to rise at their hands, until their downfall at the 'cleansing' hands of nature. It will be left to our Great-Mother-God to cleanse herself from the damage they have done in the name of economic progress. It never ceases to amaze me how we have let an idiotic few steer the course of our lives...

Copyright Gary Bate 2009

Author's Bio: 

Gary Bate is a therapist and author committed to advancing consciousness on this planet. He is the author of We are here to know ourselves, Christ Consciousness: 101 Reasons Why and Inspirational Articles of Wisdom. To find out more about Gary visit his site at whatstress.com.