Life came first before belief. We need to survive before we can reason why.

Belief is based on individual choice, and it can be reasoned that in life we can decide on how we wish to see our value and purpose. These values are based on choices and come from the mind, a place that has freedom to see without physical constraints. Everyone can decide their own philosophy for life and say what is to be seen as right or wrong, this shows that in the end we all have individuality and choice in our foundation for viewing life.

When looking at how beliefs work in life it is evident that they are the key factor that divides us on all levels. They place people into categories through the strength gathered by favored belief groups that have been given enough funding and control in order to make decisions based around our physical living environment. Strength in numbers is a definite way in order to push people in certain directions of seeing in order to assimilate people into set philosophies and goals. Goals are seen as the purpose for life and they fit right into the structure of belief walking hand in hand on the way to destruction of many who do not have the same point of perception.

It is evident by the illogical way that beliefs divide us that they should not be the foundation for our choices in the physical. They are not the true basis for our survival in our physical bodies, and only show how we are not really connecting to the foundations of life and what it is to be alive.

If we were to acknowledge the foundations that we have in the physical world, it would be obvious to see that there are more fundamental constructs that we need to consider first before we decide on future through our philosophies and beliefs. These surround our survival in the physical world and link to our physical form. We cannot have philosophies and beliefs if we do not have a physical body to exist from, this is a fact and relates to not just singular people but for everyone as a whole.

We need general things in order to live in our world, the main survival needs being the eating of food, the drinking of water and a place to protect ourselves from the elements within sustainable living environments. These factors cannot be based on belief or values when it comes to the physical world. They are needs and have to be considered if we want to continue human survival.

It is clear at many levels through viewing life that this number one issue is not being considered on a global level. Starvation and thirst is the number one killer around the world and goes to show the extent to which we live life on philosophies and beliefs instead of the true value of life surrounding the core reason for being alive as a human. Before people even get a chance to enjoy life and experience what it has to offer, they must first consider their physical needs above their passions and desires.

Passion, desire, belief and philosophy are not the defining factors that connect humans together in this structural world. Physical connection is the first experienced at all levels and can be seen when it comes to the contact a baby has with their parent in the beginning of their life. They have not yet learnt to talk and have not been given rules on how to view life. Their interaction is purely physically based at all levels. They eat, they drink and they need to keep warm and protected in order to survive.

The moment we place philosophy above basic principles for physical life, we have forgotten the true essence behind creation at the core. This surrounds the identifiable reason for life and that is to exist. If we no longer exist, then we no longer can reason our life, we can no longer believe, create philosophy and enjoy physicality at all levels. It is a basic truth and stares us in the face, and if we avoid seeing the core principles of life then we walk the road to our own fate of destruction from our own blindness.

By Stacey T Pollock

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