For almost 30 years Rebecca Hanson had deliberately ignored her feelings so that she could endure a painful relationship. Now, she realizes that her feelings were an inner guidance system, given to her as a means of discovering a life of joy, peace, fulfillment and true service to others.

"If something feels good to me, it is good for me and everyone around me benefits," says a smiling Rebecca.

Little by little and with deliberate consistency, Rebecca applied the Law of Attraction to every aspect of her life including her personal relationships, health, business and real estate transactions.

In 1997, Rebecca Hanson was living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the 'Siberia' of Canada, struggling to find her own identity. Many years earlier, she had given up her career so that her physician husband could have his. With a husband who was seldom at home, she raised five children, two of whom are mentally challenged. After ending the long frustrating marriage, she was faced with finding a way to support herself. Rebecca was ripe for a new framework from which to make decisions when she encountered the Law of Attraction. Now she owns three successful companies, teaches and coaches others in how to live their dreams, and lives in a luxury condo in Victoria, B.C., Canada--one of North America's most sought after cities.

Ten years ago, Rebecca was pretty much on her own in understanding and applying the Law of Attraction. Now, it seems as if millions of people have opened their hearts and minds to the Law of Attraction, quantum physics and levels of calibrated consciousness.
Today, people are eagerly asking how they can use the Law of Attraction to achieve positive outcomes--even in what is typically seen as a negative situation like divorce.

"All my life I have been a natural teacher and coach to others. I had such a strong desire to help people that I became a Registered Nurse and married a doctor. Little did I know that my desire to work as a nurse would be thwarted almost immediately after we tied the knot! But I found ways to use my nurses' training and natural gifts. In 1970 I wrote the entire curriculum for training teenage volunteers to work in rural hospitals. This effort was noticed and used for more than 30 years by the Northern Alberta Red Cross. I volunteered to teach women's Bible classes and wrote many inspirational articles.
In 1978 our Down's syndrome daughter (our fourth child) was born and in 1980 we adopted a Down's syndrome baby who had been abandoned at birth. Through all the ups and downs of raising five children almost single-handedly, I carried a false hope that if I just sacrificed a little more, my husband would notice and care for me.

One day I woke up. It took a huge amount of courage to insist that he respect me. I remember once we were in a counseling situation and he said to the counselor, “She wants me to respect her! What will she do if I won't?” It was as if I had been sleep-walking the entire time we had been married and in a moment I came to: “If he hasn't noticed me by now, it isn't going to happen.”

Author's Bio: 

For more than 30 years Rebecca has helped hundreds of people turn their lives and businesses around. Her unique blend of teaching, spiritual gifts and practical application of the Law of Attraction have a quick, powerful and long-lasting effect on everyone she meets. In 2003, Rebecca founded the Law of Attraction Training Center where she teaches and trains a global audience in the art of deliberately creating a life or business they love. Author of Law of Attraction for Business and owner of TeleClass International Services Inc and Telephone Bridge Services, Rebecca implements the Law of Attraction on a daily basis.