Strictly speaking, a Forex managed account is not the sort of solution that most people are looking for when they speak of massive profits with the FX market. What happens when you do get a managed account is that you deposit a certain amount of money within a brokered account, which will then be managed solely either by a team of brokers or rotating brokers, depending on the situation. There are many upsides as well as downsides when looking at areas of managed accounts.

One of the upsides is the very fact that you do not need to do anything to manage your own investments - all of the investments are done on your behalf and done on the advice of the brokerage; so you know you are getting solid investment decisions with your money. While nothing is guaranteed, a lot of people have been going into multiple managed accounts because they are unprepared to deal with the broker and make the investments themselves; or simply because they do not have the time to sit in front of the computer, manage the trading platform and system and make on the fly decisions. This may be great for them, but there are the obvious bad points when it comes to the managed account. For one, you are not in control of your money and that in itself is a big risk.

Many of these brokerages and financial companies do not give airtight guarantees about your money and always affirm that the decisions might go sour and that you are taking a risk. They might overwhelm you with promises and a track record that stretched to as far as you can scroll down, but there is no such thing as a sure thing - even with managed accounts; and this situation is made worse by the fact that you do not have any sort of control.

You are surrendering the fate of a few thousand dollars to an independent broker or team of brokers. Also, there is a level of dilution because you are never sure whether you account is given the sort of attention that you need. Normally brokers have to handle hundreds of portfolios and managed accounts, so there is the lack of special attention to yours.

The very fact that you are part of some mass strategy does not sit well with many investors and there is a danger that you might ride the winds of negativity and be looking at losses instead of profits.

Of course, the last and most important point you should be looking at is the very fact that managed accounts give you only a fraction of the profit you should be seeing. Managed accounts are there because brokers want to make more money with your money.

Understand that there is a price to pay for doing nothing and seeing money come in - and that price is that you have to give over a hefty commission to the broker who is managing your account for you. While it can make you some passive income depending on how much you invest, it is unlikely that managed accounts can ensure the massive profits you are looking for.

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