Delayed Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis of a Breast Lump
Many cases……. “Lethal”
Most cases ……“PREVENTABLE”
Maureen’s story is one of the missing tools for women, and their husbands, to become better patient advocates. Also it is clear evidence of the responsibility we all have in working together, to ensure a woman of an early correct diagnosis.
Education on delayed diagnosis, and misdiagnosis of a breast lump, must be one of the tools implemented, for all families, when a breast abnormality is first diagnosed.
Educating our women and their families on the reasons why we have delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis would decrease the cases of death, would ensure many families of an early correct diagnosis, thus, allowing many women to live out their lives with their families.
Breast cancer is not a death sentence among many cases, “if diagnosed early!”
Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of Breast cancer is usually “Serious,” and in many cases, “Lethal,” and in most cases, “Preventable!”
Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis leads to many unnecessary surgeries, aggressive chemotherapy treatments and huge medical costs, that we all, as citizens,” absorb.”
The time frame, of continuous delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, bears impact on a women’s survival time with her breast cancer. Diagnosing breast cancer in its earliest stage has been the best defense a women has to fight and beat her disease.
There are women at home, today, with breast cancer, but were not correctly diagnosed. Some were told they have a common cyst or fibro cystic conditions. They were told to come back in a year for their annual mammogram. Their survival rate will be far less when they are correctly diagnosed. Maureen was not the only one that had her chance to fight and beat her breast cancer in its earliest stage taken away. There were many before her and many will follow.
It is time to create more awareness, for our women, their families. Do Not Delay
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Thank you, Executive Director, Maureen’s Mission, William Thiel

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Author: A Promise Fulfilled, One Couple's Journey Through Misdiagnosis, Breast Cancer/Advocacy Patient Advocate, Executive Director: Maureens Mission,