By this point in time, there are probably very few people left on Planet Earth who aren’t familiar with “Susan Boyle”. Truly a remarkable story and a remarkable individual.

Her appearance and subsequent performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” shocked the judges and the world. After already having mentally dismissed her, everyone was both startled and amazed by what had been a previously unnoticed, unheralded and under appreciated “talent”. It was more than evident that Susan Boyle not only had talent and ability, but had possessed same for a long time.

As the future of Susan Boyle is no longer in question, let’s shift the spotlight and focus it directly on you. What about your “future”?

Are your talents and abilities being noticed, appreciated and valued? Or are you feeling overlooked, unappreciated and perhaps even taken for granted? Do you have the potential to do and be more than you are, if someone somewhere would just give you a chance or a real opportunity?

How long have you been toiling, waiting and attempting to pay your dues? How long did Susan Boyle do the same? In spite of having toiled for nearly 30 years amidst the rejection and frustration of literally waiting a life time for her break to come -- Susan never gave up on her talent, ability, determination or “dream”. Can you say the same?

The truly sad reality is that Susan Boyle toiled in virtual obscurity, seemingly due to the perception of others, which was based solely on her outward “appearance”. As the years passed by, people never even bothered to look behind her veil or to peer past the surface of her outward appearance.

What is it about you that other people are missing -- that they simply aren’t seeing? What God given talents and abilities do you possess that if properly recognized and developed, could make a difference in your work, life and the lives of those around you, or even beyond you? What are you really capable of doing or becoming? What is that internal voice deep inside of you saying to you?

How long will it take for you to get noticed? I have heard it said that we should not remain where we are and be merely tolerated. Rather, we should go where we will be “celebrated”! Doesn’t that even sound more inviting, rewarding and fulfilling?

Now, more than ever before it’s important to heed the assurance from The Cast of One Tree Hill to… “Believe that dreams come true, because they do… every day!”

As the horse is to the plow -- belief is forever useless if we don’t put “action” to it. Without action, your wishes will never grow up to become real “dreams”.

Don’t allow the recession or the inaccurate opinions of others to dissuade you from fully developing your talents and abilities -- no matter how long it might take, don’t be deterred from completing your journey and the destiny that awaits you.

Can you be a “Susan” today?

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