The human being is endowed with ability. We have the capacity to do things. However, our ability is inherently limited. The human being is not almighty and so cannot accomplish all things. Because human capability is finite we find that a person cannot by his own powers alone ensure the success of all his pursuits and undertakings in life. A human being is not able to ensure his good health and the safety of his life at all times. A human being is not able to ensure his welfare throughout life. The fact that we experience anxiety, worry, fear and doubt is clear indication that our ability is not always sufficient to handle life’s hazards, difficulties and challenges.

We all desire happiness, good health and success in life. Yet on our own we cannot guarantee the attainment or maintenance of this state of things we desire. What this means is that for us to satisfy these cravings we need help from a power much greater than ourselves. This almighty power we need is God.

The human being, obviously, needs the help of God in order to live a completely happy and successful life.

Mankind’s need for God has always been there. Our search after Him is an age-long one. The early man, undoubtedly, had to face great odds in his struggle for survival. The hazards he had to contend with were indeed enormous. He had little protection against the elements. He was prone to ravage by disease. There was the ever present risk of being devoured by wild animals. He was not always sure of getting the food he needed. There was no guarantee he would succeed whenever he left his cave to roam the wild in search of food. There was also the risk of being struck down by other savages.

He did come to realize that on his own he could not cope successfully with life’s hazards and challenges. He did feel the need to reach out to a power much greater than himself to help ensure his safety and survival. His worship of rivers, trees, hills and other objects was obviously undertaken in the hope of getting the help and protection he evidently needed.

Our circumstances today are a lot different. Yet we still have to face hazards, difficulties and challenges which we cannot always meet successfully as a result of natural limitations in our ability. Now think about this.

That pursuit or undertaking which means so much to you, maybe it is an examination, or a job interview or a business deal maybe it is an official task or a performance or some treatment you are undergoing, are you able to ensure that it will turn out successfully? Can you ensure that the next time you wave goodbye to your loved ones and leave home, you will not be killed in a road mishap? That you will not wake up tomorrow to find that you have a malignant tumour that will claim your life within a few weeks? Are you able to ensure that you will not lose your job and so find yourself unable to provide for yourself and your loved ones? That your business will not fail and you fall into financial ruin?

What about the safety and well-being of your loved ones? Can you guarantee that the loved one who went shopping will not be shot dead in an attack by armed robbers? Are you able to guarantee that your child who left for school happily in the morning will not be abducted and not make it back home alive? That loved whose return you are eagerly awaiting, can you ensure that he or she will not be killed in a car or a plane crash, that your reunion will not take place at the morgue? Can you ensure that the loved one who is so alive and well today will not succumb to illness in the days ahead and you find yourself plunged into grief?

The possibilities that a person will experience failure or misfortune in life are endless. The simple fact is that we need the help of God in order to successfully face the hazards, difficulties and challenges of life. Life cannot be completely happy and successful without God.

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