In order to be successful in Living by Design you must let yourself know what you REALLY want. This is can be daunting for some folks.

There are many reasons you might struggle with declaring goals and dreams. Perhaps you are afraid that once you get it, you will find you really don’t want it. Or perhaps your life will be so changed that you will lose touch with those you love. Or some other form of harm may come to you or to others. If you think about it, you may come up with a few reasons of your own.

In order to calm those concerns, I like to add what I call Insurance for the Journey. On top of the page of any written vision or goal I add the following words: “This or Something Greater for the Highest Good of All Concerned.”

I do this so that I can confidently take action on my goals and dreams because I have asked for only that which serves me come to me.

For example: right now I really, really, really want a puppy. I don’t know if this serves my greatest good or the good of my family, but I’m in the game checking it out and seeing if it will work out for us, under the condition “only if it serves me and those around me.”

If you are visualizing getting a promotion on your job, don't picture the person above you being fired, but imagine him or her moving on to other, better things, or to a better, more fulfilling job, so that it works out for the good of all. You don't need to understand or figure out how that will happen, or what is the best way it could work out; simply assume that it is working out for the best and then GIVE it UP.

When my husband and I were looking for our home, we had a list of the features we were looking for, including number of bedrooms, size of property, location, and so on. Additionally, we affirmed that we were receiving the perfect home to serve us "for the highest good."

We easily found the home we now live in which had what we thought was an extra bedroom for guests. Little did we know that that bedroom was meant to house my husband's youngest son. We hadn't included anything in our request about school district, and it turns out we are right at the very edge of a change in districts. Our home is in the one known for better schools. Hmmmm, how did that happen?

It is also important to realize, we often don't know what is for the highest good of all concerned. Our human consciousness is very limited in comparison with that of "Spirit" or "God" or the "Universal Intelligence" (fill in whatever word works for you that describes this greater consciousness).

I may imagine that it is really a good idea that such and such happen. I set my sights on that goal, with the intention that I only want it if it is in service to the greatest good. Now I find myself thwarted. Ummm, what's this about? Later I discover that what has occurred instead is an experience far more wonderful than anything my little pea brain could have imagined left to it's own devices.

This has happened to me over and over and over in my life. I have come to know the Universe as beneficent and if I don't get what I think I want, there probably is a gift, a blessing, much greater on it's way, even if that gift is the not having what I thought I wanted in order for me to learn to cherish what I have.

That's why I encourage you to go for your dream. Your dream may be to climb a mountain and so you set out on your journey, only to discover once you have climbed that mountain vistas have opened to you that you could not see before. If you hadn't climbed that mountain you would never know what else is possible. Maybe you thought that mountain was your dream yet it turns out to be a stepping stone to something even greater. Either way, climbing the mountain is part of your journey.

I encourage you to dream your dream and begin your journey. In doing so, you will discover that which is in service to your greatest good, your greatest unfoldment.

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