In the last parts of this series we talked briefly about the traits you need to work on in order to realize happiness and success in your life. Again, happiness is something that comes by finding peace within yourself and peace within yourself comes from finding a place in the world and in your life that allows you to feel fulfillment. Success is totally based upon your definition of success. Success based on what is being covered here is about giving all of who you are to what you want. Realizing what you want and chasing that with all your being. There is nothing more fulfilling than a noble and worthy cause, be it financial, in relationships, or any other endevor in your life. In this part of the series we will talk about the advancement of knowledge and the development of faith.

The advancement of knowledge is just that, continueing to learn about what you need to know. If you are working on becoming a mechanic, you must continue to learn about cars and advancements in vehicle technology as well as tools and how they are used on a vehicle. The same is true for anything else. Whatever it may be, there is always something more to learn about. If you desire love, you must take the time to learn about what love is and is not. What the attraction buttons of men and women are and are not. What kind of a man a woman is attracted to or what kind of a woman men are attracted to. Be careful at this stage though as many people will get trapped in the place of just learning and never apply what they learn. You must learn and take action with that knowledge.

Be willing to invest in your education. There will be a cost of time, energy, and money to get an education. Nothing in life is free. You shouldn't have a problem with dropping time, energy, and money on an education if you really want what it is you say you want and actually intend on getting it. I don't care if you think it is to expensive, I don't care if you don't have time to read and learn, I don't care if you don't like to read. There is always a way to pay for it, time to read it, and a need to learn it. I hear all three of these a lot from people and quit frankly, it simply tells me that they don't really want what they say they want. They are just trying to blow smoke. That's fine, as I am not the one who will suffer for the excuses. Take the money, take the time, and get the education. It will save you tons of money along the journey, tons of time, and tons of headache. Remember that anyone who has done or has what you want to do or have has already spent three times the amount of time, energy, and money to get there than you have.

The next trait you must develop is faith. Faith is the ability to believe in something even when you cannot see it, touch it, smell or, or experience it in any way. This works when it comes to success and happiness as well. Even if you can't even begin to imagine how you will get what it is you want, you must have faith that the path will be shown to you. You must have faith that you not only deserve what you want, but will get what you want. This type of faith is based on the knowledge that you are learning and growing. That you have a desire for something and you will get what you want even if you can't see how yet. This faith states that you will have faith that there is a way and you will find it. It is not blind faith as so often used in our society and religion.

This is not to knock religion or society. Both are great things. The problem with blind faith is that most people follow and claim faith simply because they are told to by other people or by leaders. They do not develop a belief within themselves about what they are following. They do not develop a knowledge of what it is they follow. They just follow. I am not telling you to develop this kind of faith. I am telling you to work on faith from a stand point of belief. A belief in what you want and desire. A belief that there is a way. A belief that nothing will get in the way. Faith in yourself and what you want as a reality. Faith and belief that you deserve it and will have it. This is not blind, it is emotionally charged by a clear vision of what you want and an emotional driver of desire to have it. Faith can be a powerful force when properly applied and partnered with desire and a clear vision.

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