Do you want your Skinny back? #2

I am assuming that you have “your person” by today and are ready to proceed. What do you need to do with “your person”? You need to make the commitment to them that you will follow this program for the total 120 days and you want then to hold you to that no matter how you squirm and squeal.

The meditations I gave in session #1 are to be done as followed. You are following me right?

1. The When you don’t know what to do should be done every morning or every nite pick either and then do it at that time for the entire duration. No bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong ball. Hmmm that is exercise. That bouncing is a brain, your brain trying to get out from under perceived restrictions. Great news it is not a restriction is it an amazing commitment that you have made to the skinny you, the bright you, the energetic you.

2.The other: Whistle or “O” breath is to be done during the day when you are feeling challenged, unsure, anxious, fearful whatever word you choose to apply to those !@#$%^^ moments. It brings your heart back into the picture so you can make better more whole decisions. The gift is a buffer zone between you and the situation that took you to the less than place.

Are we straight on this? Are you doing it? Stay connected with me...

So we are ready for Step #2 What do you really want from this course?

Please pull out your pen yes I want this in ink and really deeply ask yourself: What do you want to attain in this course of action? If there is no goal there is nothing to guide you. Then it is easy to make excuses and flee the scene right?

We are like hit and run drivers. We hit a bump and we want to run back into the safety of our old habits. One of my clients used to say. “Be it every so shitty there is no place like home.” Have you ever felt that? We long for security. Yet we are at our best when challenged to become who we really are.

I am going to give you a couple ideas and please only use them if they fit you. They are meant to get your process going.

· Better health?
· Great looking body?
· Great feeling body?
· Less psychic baggage?
· Identifying your longing and utilizing it to support your total self.

Please write for 11 minutes or longer yes a full on 11 minutes at least. Let it come out, come through you. Right now just let flow or grind out I don’t care just let it out. Use the 11 minutes (which is a master number finite and infinite together a working for the good of all called the Guru #) to go deeper than the first thought. What is under that thought and the next one? Dive in feet first and become and adventurer in your own desire pool.

Next step prioritize them. Come out with #1 winner. Choose the one that holds the most energy of your intentions and hopes. No don’t combine 2 or 3 of them to do this. Just one, keep it clear and simple. Now write this on a colored index card. Choose a color that you love to look at.

1.Write one and keep it displayed on your desk
2.Make a second card for your alter (if you don’t have an alter create on)
3. This card is for your choice. Place it in an area you see frequently during the day. (no, not the office bathroom mirror)

Make this goal you.
Keep the goal in your consciousness all day. Say it to yourself often. See yourself looking or feeling inside of your intention accomplished. Make this the last thing you do at nite. Sleep wrapped in that feeling that you are this now. It is in there we are just brining it out. Let your entire body become impregnated with this thought. It is your thought, live it, love it, embrace it freely and joyously. Not thinking of the work it will take just being in and of it. Think of it and smile at it, into it. Delight in the reality of it.

I one time heard Marianne Williamson say that she had wanted and tried to loose weight for ages and then she just stopped obsessing on that goal because she got so busy, the weight just vanished.

I don’t want you to obsess on the weight loss goal I want you to joyously cultivate the real reason you want to loose the weight. There are reasons under that reason. The deeper you delve the better off you will be.

“You want to learn something read it. you want to know something write it you want to master something teach it.” Yogi Bhajan

So you choose what you want to do with this learn it, know it or master it. You do realize that “your person” will be learning, knowing and mastering along with you. Share your goal with them. Make it verbal, alive and accountable in the world.

You can write poems, stories and songs about your renewed state.
The more you pay lovely and loving homage to this new state the more it will grow in reality here on planet earth and inside your beautiful body the house of your spirit, your essence.

Go towards what you love and are passionate about and that which you don’t want will die of neglect.

Stay connected I may not answer your emails but it doesn’t mean I am not reading them I am. Support it necessary in changing habits. If you need more personal help go to and book a private session with me.


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Gurutej Kaur is the Energy Guru and she is amazing. Let her give you your energy back.