This seems like a silly question I know! Of course it sucks; in fact any kind of pain sucks when we are in its grasp. If you are alive and human you have certainly experienced your share of heartache throughout your life. This pain is a significant part of our experience on this planet; without it no growth personally or universally occurs. We can wish this pain away, stuff it deep down inside us, deny it completely, or we can deal effectively with these feelings and use our pain as a tremendous transformative opportunity along our journey of life.

Based on my direct experience and internal investigation of my personal pain combined with knowledge acquired throughout the years , I have come up with 5 specific things we need to do with the pain we feel in our hearts.

1.) Embrace the Pain- feel the pain to the fullest and welcome it as an important teacher that will ultimately allow you to greatly improve your life. Eventually, you will feel this pain so you might as well invite it in and hold its hand while it passes through your being. Right now is the best time to feel this pain. Procrastination only increases the amount of pain we feel and casts a dark cloud over our ability to live in the present moment.

2.) Express the Pain- Talk to someone you respect and trust about the pain you are experiencing. Write down the pain in a journal or make a list of everything that is painful about your situation. Whatever you do, get the pain out of your head. The expression of the pain is a crucial step in the recovery and learning process.

3.) Do Not Increase the Pain- The pain you are feeling in your heart is definitely enough for you to deal with. Do not allow your mind and ego to fabricate and adopt irrational thoughts about your situation. Engaging in this meaningless process will only exacerbate your pain. We as human beings with powerful egos are experts at creating more pain than we need. Do not succumb to the ego’s temptations.

4.) Learn From the Pain- Pain in our hearts has valuable lessons to teach us. Listen to the pain and use the knowledge in your daily life. Ask yourself what significant lessons you can learn from this experience. There is always a lesson; you must simply ask and you will receive.

5.) DO NOT FEAR THE PAIN- Fearing pain does nothing productive, it merely prolongs and intensifies the pain you will ultimately feel. Step into the pain and utilize these important suggestions in making the most of your painful experience. You will certainly look back and see how this pauin has transformed your entire being; mind, body, and soul.

Remember pain informs you that you are alive, human, and exactly where you are supposed to be along the mysterious but purposeful path of the Universe.

Author's Bio: 

Richard A. Singer is an award winning author, trained psychotherapist, and most importantly a seeker of truth. He continuously searches for wisdom to use in his life, as well as helping other human beings in their precious journey. He has studied eastern psychology, buddhist healing, and non-violence at the doctoral level; in addition, he has spent years devoted to the study of wisdom recorded throughout history. He seeks to impart this knowledge to the world through his writing. His primary purpose is to benefit humanity in any way possible. Richard states that "My books are not only for reading; they are meant to be lived." Richard resides in the Cayman Islands with his wife Debbie and his twin sons, Matthew and Alexander.
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