Does Love at First Sight Exist?

Before exploring outer space, people used to think that the earth was flat and that you could fall off the edge if you ever went that far. The same goes for everything else that we don’t understand. People usually try to associate all that is unknown to them with things that they are familiar with and love is no exception to that rule.

Although learning about the psychology of falling in love can help you get a better understanding of why you fall in love and why you happen to love one person and not another for no obvious reason; the majority of people prefers not to read about it and just associate love with anything else that they are familiar with.

Love at first sight exists, simply because many of us have been through it before. This article is going to explain to you why you might fall in love with someone else at first sight.

Why Do We Fall in Love?

In most cases, we fall in love either to compensate for something we lack, when we find someone similar to us or to a person who is dear to us, like one of our parents for example, or to put it more directly, when someone meets our unconscious criteria. This is simply a list of traits that should be found in a person if we are to fall in love with him/her.

Love at First Sight

If you understand the previous explanation, then you may have already guessed why we sometimes fall in love with someone at first sight: simply because we found a person who met many of our unconscious criteria.

For example if a guy had dark skin and deeply loved his mother, then it’s likely that his unconscious criteria include that the girl should have white skin and that it would be great if she had some feature that reminded him of his mother. Of course it’s not that simple; the criteria can be very complex and may be formed of very many items, but I am just giving you this small example for clarification purposes.

Now what if this guy meets that girl we just described? What if he found her attractive and that in addition to all of the above characteristics, she has a great personality and is cheerful too? What’ll most probably happen is that he will develop an instant crush on her, or as we say, love her at first sight.

Love or Best Friends?

Now the question that may have popped into your mind is “but why do I sometimes find someone who is absolutely fantastic, has many good traits and not love him at first sight?”. The answer is simple: either because he didn’t match your criteria at all or because you are looking for traits that can’t be noticed at first glance. That’s why people who care much about appearances are more likely to experience love at first sight; because most of their criteria lie on the superficial appearance of their partner and that will be the first thing they notice when they meet him/her.

The earth is not flat and love is not that mysterious. Read a lot and seek answers so that you can remove these mysteries from you life.

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