It certainly appears so. There definitely seems to be some magic in the air with this guy's 5th consecutive win at Wimbledon. And yup, I stayed up past 3:30am Aussie time to watch him do it. It was totally worth it. He's in tune with the "secret", law of attraction, and here's how he does it.

The Fed Express is a brilliant tennis player, let's face it. He's swift, powerful, and precise. He never gives up. He is calm and focused.

So is the Law of Attraction part of his success? Of course it is. The Law of Attraction is always in action, whether you are conscious of it or not. However, with deliberate focus, you can amplify the flow of energy to serve your intentions. Just like a magnifying glass can concentrate the rays of the sun.

Here's what Rog did to help create a superhighway of success at this year's Wimbledon:

1. Supportive environments.
He has Mum, Dad, and girlfriend barracking for him, win or lose. He's got trainers, massage therapists, and a slew of experts on call. When he dumped his coach Tony Roche earlier this year, it was because Tony no longer provided the right support for his game. Tough call (everyone thought he was crazy to sack him when he's had so much success under Tony's guidance. But when it doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel right. Fed trusted his intuition on this one and it has paid off.)

2. He dresses the part.
Say what you will about his white blazer and pants, it really sets the scene. It says, this guy is serious, this guy is honouring tradition and all the greats that have come before him. He dresses like champion, he walks like a champion, he talks like champion.

3. Using a vacuum.
I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but Federer had four little emblems emblazoned on his sport bag: Wimbledon champion 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. The little emblems certainly reached out to next one - 2007. And it was the same for the winner's roll at Wimbledon itself - the long list of players with the last four Roger Federer, Roger Federer, Roger Federer, Roger Federer. Another 'Roger Federer' seem to be drawn to it magnetically. In fact it was only moments after the last point was hit and Roger fell to the ground in relief that officials were filling the 2007 winner's spot with his name, for a fifth time.

4. Crying.
OK, I don't always recommend crying as manifestation practice. What I do want to point out here is that when Roger rolled on the court and wept, what he was letting go was gratitude. It was so palpable you could almost taste it. This guy was relieved for sure, but also so grateful for his win. He was also grateful and honoured to be following great players like Bjorn Borg (watching from the stands.) And if you haven't had a good cry recently, go ahead and do it. You know it feels good!

Good on you, Rog. You show us all how to reach just a little further and come up trumps.

Author's Bio: 

Zoë Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass. She has paddled 30 weeks by canoe in northwest Ontario, run 6 marathons, hiked hundreds of kilometres in Australia’s outback, bellydanced at various festivals, written a book, Absolute Productivity, survived cancer, married a fair dinkum Aussie bloke, and wrestled a 6 meter crocodile. It’s all true, except for the crocodile part. Sign up for more inspiration and your free Attraction Checklist in Compass Bearings at .