A new Opportunity for ancient Spiritual Guidance.
Can Dolmen-Stones offer Re-Connection to Universal Mind?

Aren't we humans the most curious of all creatures inhabiting this wondrous yet challenging world? We are forever asking questions about our origins and want answers to our never-ending versions of Why? How? Where?and When?

As centuries and millennia have passed as part of the natural cycles of this world, great civilizations have arisen, prospered and disappeared leaving behind more or less preserved ruins of their ancient settlements. More often than not, just a mere fragment of some or other item is left behind in the wake of their existence. Among all the remainders of times past, ritual burial sites have been one of the anthropologist’s most familiar evaluation and interpretation tools. And yet, everything these civilizations left behind for their descendants can really only be represented through those external forms, left for anyone to interpret as they choose. The Egyptian, Mayan or Chinese pyramids, or the countless Dolmens seemingly strewn across the country-sides over large parts of the world, do represent just that - tangible, visual structures of various dimensions and shapes. But is this - along with some preserved writings - really everything that remains for us to cherish from the far-off ancestors of our human race?

No-one can doubt the existence of a past civilization when looking at the evidence of its tangible remains. But an additional question for many has been whether these remains can offer spiritual information or guidance besides their mere tangible, visual enjoyment. Could these forms represent not only material evidence from antiquity for us, but also communicate the immense spiritual experience which - we wonder - might have accumulated during the course of existence of such a civilization?

This article is exploring and reporting such a possible spiritual discovery. Supported by literary evidence and increasingly by archeological discoveries which challenge traditional historical (and especially certain religious) time-lines, notably Michael Cremo's work, some modern historians and archeologists have put forward a hypothesis that five to ten thousand years ago a great Vedic civilization existed, prospering and flourishing all over the Earth. The great spiritual texts of the Vedas make up but one part of its spiritual heritage. Very few material traces of its existence have been acknowledged by traditional institutions, particularly since all of the assumptions of our recorded human history would need to be re-written. Although valiant scientists and researchers, risking their professional reputations and livelihoods, are promising to solve some of the riddles which scientists have been unable to address. There is a hypothesis now that the ubiquitous Dolmens are silent sentinels and an important material representation left behind by this Vedic civilization. These remains might be able to remind us of the existence of a culture which is thought to have flourished as long as 100.000 years ago, even associated by some with the mythological search for the Aryans.

Hundreds of thousands of Dolmens are scattered all over the world. They exist in Germany, France, Spain, England, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Netherlands, India, and Korea, as well as in the widespread regions of Russia.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia tells us that Dolmens (also known as cromlechs, antas, H?nengr?ber, Hunebedden, quoits, and portal Dolmens) are a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones (megaliths) supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (table). Most date, it says, from the early Neolithic period in Britain (4000 BC to 3000 BC).

Scientists still do not agree on the purpose of these megalithic structures. And if they harbor any theories, with a few exceptions, they have not disclosed their theories to us. The most widespread hypotheses are as follows.
They are:
• ritual facilities - such as altars of druids;
• prehistoric tombs;
• or astronomical facilities.

The Dolmens found in the South of Russia and in the Northern Caucasus as well as along the coast of the Black Sea, most familiar to this writer, are more frequently in architecturally complete forms, consisting of five or six stone plates and looking like closed stone boxes. You might Imagine four rectangular plates put upright to form the four walls of an enclosure, a fifth lying horizontally as a rooftop and a sixth plate making up the base. As a rule there is an aperture in the front cross-section plate, most often round. They may, however, have a triangular or square opening, sometimes with a stone fuse. The plates are most commonly connected in a groove. The walls of some of the structures are inclined. For many years they were treated as ancient megalithic structures, and more often than not, they were disassembled and the stones used for new construction purposes.

This was the story of the Dolmens as most people would have told it before the year 1997, and for many people, nothing has changed about their idea of these structures. But in that year, Dolmens rose to prominence by way of Vladimir Megre's Book Two of the popular The Ringing Cedars of Russia series entitled with that same name, with which many of our readers will be familiar. In that second book of the series, published in 1997 (translated into English in 2006) Anastasia talked to Vladimir about the functions of these megalithic Dolmen structures in ways no-one had every even considered. According to Anastasia these sites are much more than just ancient tombs. She explained to Vladimir that they should be directly associated with the living souls of our forefathers and to do so in very literal ways. These ancestors, she said, had undergone severe measures to stay spiritually connected to these structures, so that they could connect with the "Mind of the Universe". They did this with the purpose of preserving those feelings and images of unity with God and all His creation, she said. Here, according to Vladimir Megre, is what Anastasia wanted her readers to know about them.

She compared the significance of the Egyptian Pyramids with that of the Dolmen structures, but saw the latter as the prototypes of those larger pyramids in terms of their energetic and spiritual significance. She described the Dolmens as much more powerful receivers and points of contact for the Mind of the Universe, and she said they were also much older. The Egyptian pyramids, according to her, functioned similarly, but because of their size, needed more people all around their sides to project, by way of the radiation of their combined thoughts, group energy which would gather at the top of the pyramid. (Might that be the mysterious, un-known function of the "missing" capstone, one might wonder?)...

The article published in full in Space of Love Magazine Issue #1
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