We all know that smiles are contagious. So are bad moods. Experts in the field of psychic energy say it's that energy – not the actual smile -- that connects you to the good mood of the other person. Now there are a lot of people that DON’T believe, but there is a growing percentage that believe more and more that there are “laws of attraction” can be used to increase that which comes to you, including the state of your health. Many eastern spiritual philosophies have at the core of their teachings this concept of positive energy flow and its impact on our lives. I say, if it makes your feel better … might be worth a shot.

Just because it can take less than 15 seconds to make a snap judgment doesn't mean you should! Let's look at three common (energy) mistakes we can make with our thoughts:

1. Choosing the Wrong words

Negative words deliver too much impact that doesn't convert our energy into tangible desires, or have you feeling too great either. The trick is to choose highly- targeted words that are targeted at what you want more of in your life, yet common enough that you'll feel connected to them. For example, if you are looking to lose some weight you don’t want to walk around talking about how hard it is for you to lose weight. According to the Laws of Attraction that is exactly what you will get more of: difficulty with losing weight.

If you're trying to lose weight, it's mission critical to track your thoughts and feelings at the cellular level. Without knowing HOW you are going to do it (you don’t need to know that to start, it will come to you), start talking to yourself (and others) about how you are maximizing your energy and, as a result, on your way to weight loss (has a different feel to it, doesn’t it?).

2. Being In-authentically Nice

You need to find ways to safe-guard your energy. You’ve gotta watch out for those people who suck you dry with their wants. You know the poor-me’s, the drama queens, the conversation is all about me’ers, blame-lovers and let’s-put-down- others and the people who want someone to "fix" them. What is a person do then? (We certainly don’t want to start complaining about them!) Boundaries and limits. Keep a lookout for such people's negativity and excuse yourself from its presence (I’m sorry, I have to go over there now.) Be quick, polite and firm. (If you are a re- hab people-pleaser like myself let me assure you, THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON.)

3. Using Actions that Don't Work

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT force yourself to be what you aren’t feeling. With few exceptions, it's not helpful to you or others to walk around as the new Polly Anna (Poor girl gets such a bad rap). The things that you do, and the way you do them, determines if you are serving yourself or not. Design your day so everything intuitively works for you, things that leave you feeling both energized and stronger. You can’t fake that. So to lie to yourself and “pretending” that all is grand is just going to leave you as EnrgyPOOR as before.

Successful people start with careful consideration of the basics. Picture yourself as healthy and vibrant. Ideally you'll do this before you get sick (like every morning when you get up) to enhance the health you are ALREADY enjoying, but even if you wait until things aren’t going so well, picturing yourself, writing about, or doing whatever it takes to get you focused on WHAT”S WORKING still can help. Protect your energy! It sets you up to get more of what you truly want.

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