You live in abundance!

Yes, you do. You simply need to see the abundance and prosperity that surround you.

If you can't, you have a 'poverty' mentality. With a poverty mentality, you are always thinking about the things you don't have. Too often people lose their mind with the 'poverty' mentality.

They don't see that what they already have is considerably more than what they don't have.

That is the interesting thing about abundance; you don't appreciate the abundance and prosperity you do have until it is gone.

You have family and friends. You have a home. You have food and water. You have LIFE!

Think about one of these abundance that you take for granted and imagine your life without it. Imagine if you could not to get clean running water from your faucet each time you were thirsty or wanted to wash something.

Imagine your life having to walk to the water well and pull out buckets of water which you have to carry back in order to be able to drink something.

Here is an wonderful except from a poem that underscores this concept well.

"I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more" - Bob Perks

Think about what life would be like without the sun. Only when you have enough rain do people truly appreciate the sunny days.

So don't wait for rain. Be grateful for the abundance and prosperity you do have, because you never know when it will be gone.

Look at your life differently and begin noticing how beautiful it is right now. You are wealthy and you are surrounded by a lot of blessings. Appreciate those blessings.

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