Tips for Recognizing and Intervening Your Stress Life

The Best Investment of Your Time¡X
The most important thing you have is your health. When that goes life can be miserable. If you lose your health, your lose your time. Having your health is more than being free of illness, it is optimal well-being!

Is it hard to be healthy? NO! It can be fun when you are doing something you can enjoy. So get busy enjoying. . .

Take a moment to be creative. Read this quick little poem I wrote for the article, then write your own poem for your life.
Take the stress out of stressed out
Put ¡§life¡¨ back into living
Take the ¡§work¡¨ out of workout
Give yourself time to be giving

Did you know the following benefits of healthy activity?
ļ Lower Cholesterol
ļ More Energy
ļ More alertness
ļ Better Sleep
ļ Better muscle tone
ļ Lower heart rate
ļ Less Stress

Understanding Stress
What is stress? Stress is the opposite of homeostatis ¡V simply put, stress equal change. Any change can cause the body¡¦s equalibrium to feel off-balance. The result? Fight or Flight Response kicks in and increases heart rate, blood pressure, muscular tension, mental functions, irritability and/or depression.

Recognizing Stress
It¡¦s not the stressor that causes stress ¡V it¡¦s our reaction to the stressor. Ask yourself these questions
What are your stressors?
What are your usual reactions?
Do you have any other options?

Intervening Stress
You can intervene the Flight/Fight Response by engaging in an intervention activity. The following list is just a few to get you started on your road to being healthy.

Physical Options¡X
1. Take a deep, cleansing breath
2. Turn on some music and get your groove on!
3. Engage the whole brain ¡V do a Hookup (cross arms & legs)
4. Take a 5 minute walk (or longer)
5. Do some yardwork or gardening

Creative Options¡X
1. Draw or view your favorite artwork
2. Turn on some inspirational music
3. Pick up that instrument and play your favorite tune
4. Create or read a poem or essay
5. Work on a craft (knit, leatherwork)

Social Options¡X
1. ¡§Vent¡¨ with a friend
2. Give a friend hug
3. Write a letter to a friend
4. Go somewhere happy (grocery story, mall, etc)

Spiritual Options¡X
1. Read an inspiring story
2. Create/read an affirmation

Author's Bio: 

The effervescent breathe of fresh air, Dr. Wendy has motivated students, employees and friends to find passion for living by sharing her own joyful expression of life.

Dr Wendy recently received awards for University Dance Educator of the Year from both the Southern District and Texas Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

In addition, Dr Wendy has a Doctoral degree in Health Studies, Masters in Recreation Management and Bachelors in Anthropology and is a Texas Certified Teacher of Physical Education, Speech Communications and ESL (English as Second Language). This unique combination of experience provides the global perspective for understanding and empowering strategies for optimizing programs. Expect a gracious and dignified experience with Dr Wendy!