The answer is “Yes”, but just like everything else, sound can have both positive and negative effects. Unless you are a trained professional or are using a sound therapy that has been perfected and tested, caution needs to be taken. Sound therapy uses the body’s own innate wisdom to bring it back into balance. All things vibrate at their own specific sound frequencies whether they are animal, vegetable or mineral. Each of our bodily organs has their own frequency.

If we know that:

  • Susan Boyle affected millions in an instant with the most powerful sound in the world; her voice.
  • Listening to Baroque music while studying increases the learning potential of individuals dramatically.
  • Listening to the music of Mozart is relaxing and has proven healing qualities.
  • Princeton University graduate Joel Sternheiner, discovered the mechanism that calculates how plants respond to the stimulation of sound waves. Sound affects the amino acids and protein molecules in all living things. Produce grows more than twice as fast without any viruses when played a simple sound frequency for less than one minute. The implications of this discovery on the quality of our food supply is hard to imagine; no more chemicals and the elimination of famine?
  • Sound travels four times faster in water than in the air; our body is 80% water. The two facts explain the reason for the astonishing success of sound therapy.
  • Sound is the first human experience we perceive while in the womb; the first human sense we develop.
  • Every sound frequency has an effect on our body; it can be beneficial to us or it can harm us.
  • Sound has a direct immediate effect on our moods, attitudes energetic levels and overall well being. When Susan Boyle sang on Britain’s Got Talent, the whole world witnessed and was part of judgmental criticism instantly changing to “AWE”.

Knowing these facts, it is hard to understand why more research on sound effects and sound therapy has not been done. Sound therapies have broad implications of being able to address more than one area. The advances made in the medical field using sound have changed many of the procedures necessary to diagnose and correct medical issues; witness the development of the Ultrasound.

The following statements summarize the optimism for new medical advances using sound:

“There will come a time when a diseased condition will not be described as it is today by physicians and psychologists, but it will be spoken of in terms of a piano that is out of tune” by Rudolph Steiner.

“The body is held together by sound – the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune” by Deepak Chopra.

Sound therapies have been developed using knowledge available to man from the beginning of record history. It uses sound frequencies that have been studied, analyzed and refined using basic vibrations. For instance, the earth has three basic vibrations, sounds or frequencies. The sound as it rotates daily (194.18) is one, as it annually rotates around the sun is another (136.10) and the third (172.06) is as it makes a 26,000 year journey through the cosmos. These are mathematical calculations discovered by the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto and converted into hertz, raised enough octaves so they could be felt and/or heard by humans.

These frequencies heal the body, the mind and the soul if they are properly used with the basic knowledge of frequency. It even appears that the OM frequency of 136.10 has absolutely no negative side effects. We know only too well all of the negative side effects of using prescription medications. I tried desperately to find one negative side effect of the OM frequency but could not. When we chant that sound over time, the body brings itself into balance. If the blood pressure is too high or too low, chanting the sound frequency and the word “OM” will bring it back to normal. The Om frequency of 136.10 is said to have all sound in this one tone.

If the body has an excess of a particular frequency the exact opposite of that frequency will be produced from the Om frequency to assist the body back into balance. Starting to use the OM frequency at an early age in life could keep us in good shape and emotional balance. Using an Om tuning fork and placing it on the body or chanting OM sound with your own voice, especially with the intention of healing yourself, can also keep you in very good physical and emotional health.

NASA knows the value of sound vibrations and has frequency generators on the space shuttles that resemble the frequency of the earth to keep the astronauts healthy during their space missions.
Bioacoustics research has proven that our voice is our vibratory signature. If we have a disease or imbalance our voice will carry that frequency which can be diagnosed with computer technology and treated with sound. Of course, the computer will only detect an excess or deficiency of a needed frequency. Bioacoustics research is so promising I think in the very near future, instead of testing our blood for how much insulin we need, we will just test our voice in the morning, use a tuning fork on a meridian point and that will keep us healthy until we wake up the next day.

Research in the field of brain mapping has determined that while listening to binaural beats, the brain is stimulated by the sound. This is another fascinating method to improve our sound balance. The synergistic result of using the combination of sound and meridian points has more astounding results than just sound alone.

Acutonics uses the meridian points and planetary tuning forks; Emotional Sound Techniques uses them in combination with Energy Psychology and crystals. As a sound therapist using Emotional Sound Techniques, I received numerous calls from clients reporting healings just from listening to Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent

There is a woman who channels music called Inward Harmony who has been causing spontaneous healing world-wide. See the websites referred to at the end of this article.
Dr. Sherry Edwards has developed “Voice Profiling” which is the most advanced voice technologies and has practitioners worldwide.

If I am in an accident or have a heart attack, I will probably say “Take me to the hospital”. Short of that, I will be using sound, light and vibrational medicine as much as I can to correct whatever needs to be corrected. Not only because sound works so well, if used properly, but sound has fewer side effects; if any at all when done correctly. We are living in a governmental system that, because of large political contributions, favors the pharmaceuticals. We have ten million of our children on Ritalin and absolutely no research on their long-term effects. They are not even required to disclose negative side effect if they knew of any.

The risk of addiction for amphetamines is well known and the “Physicians Desk Reference Book” entry for Ritalin emphasizes the possibilities for dependency. The National Institute of Mental Health has issued warnings about this danger with no avail. We are a society paying a huge price for cocaine addiction when it is probably a direct result of putting our children on a drug without any studies required. We have a medical system in which the doctors are so specialized that they only have one area of expertise. The rest of the body is sometimes thrown out of balance from the chemicals prescribed or surgery employed to correct that one symptom. Sound can be a truly beneficial holistic approach that not only brings the body into homeostasis, but advances the soul of the person and ripples out to all they touch.

I highly recommend you view the following websites if you would like to begin a journey to enhanced quality of life.

Sound has contributed to our quality of life and is coming to the forefront with the advent of Holistic Medicine. Its value, without any question, is the lack of life threatening side effects so often an integral part of other forms of medical treatment and procedures. Prior research has produced fantastic results in the areas of our basic knowledge, different therapies and equipment. We should question whether more emphasis should be given to something so effective and yet so safe. You be the Judge!
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Author's Bio: 

Regina Murphy L.M.T., is the Founder of “Emotional Sound Techniques”. She is also a teacher, speaker, gifted multidimensional photographer”, author of “The Elusive Gift of Tragedy”, “Emotional Sound Techniques” and “Harmonic Massage”. She is the founder of a Nevada non-profit corporation called Love In Action, Inc. that is dedicated to assisting the emotionally challenged children in the custody of the State of Nevada and other emotionally challenged individuals in the Las Vegas area. After transforming her life from the owner of a very successful flooring company servicing the Las Vegas Casinos to a life of serving the community, she worked as a volunteer massage therapist at the Saint Theresa Center for AIDS and HIV patients and their families. This facility was under the Direction of Father Joseph O’Brian O.P. and the Archdiocese of Las Vegas. While working there Regina became very ill and after months of desperation was cured, what seemed instantly, with a miraculous method called Thought Field Therapy; better known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or Energy Psychology. Regina quickly learned this tapping technique and began sharing it with anyone who crossed her path in need of this therapy. She is an Approved Provider by the NCBTMB of continuing education classes.

Regina teaches “Emotional Sound Techniques” to lay people and professionals and has developed a “Harmonic Health System” for the lay person. This system uses the Meridian system of the body, an OM tuning fork and two quartz crystals. Her workbook on Emotional Sound Techniques at is a free download for those who visit the site. She would like as many people as possible to learn how to balance themselves.

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