Whatever you're up to in your life, there is always room from growth. There is always an opportunity to get even better at an area in which you already excel! What it takes, however, is the proper motivation...the right REASON for pushing yourself to new heights of excellence.

Take a moment to do a quick evaluation of your life. Are you living your dream? If you're not, WHY not? What reasons immediately come to mind? How have you let circumstances stop you in your quest for a life of passion and boundless prosperity?

So often in our lives, we get sidetracked...and we don't even realize it's occuring. Somewhere along the line, we allow our external circumstances and the opinions of others determine who we "be" every day. We allow ourselves to bend who we are, to meet the expectations of others, rather than to be true to our OWN desires, intentions, and passions.

Why do we do this, and what is the result?

Often we do it because unfortunately, it's easier that way. If we are in a culture - work or otherwise - that traditionally operates in a certain manner, it is easy for us to get caught up in the way of that culture. We begin playing by their rules. We create a "version" of ourselves that plays their game. At first, we realize that we are compromising pieces of who we REALLY are, but are willing to do so in order to be accepted, and to fit.

However, all too often we NEVER reclaim ourselves! As time goes by, we somehow forget what we're really all about, and before too long, who we are "being" is totally out of alignment with who we really are. When this happens, this misalignment begins to show up in our lives in various ways. We become stressed...we are quick to anger...we lose control of our health and fitness level. Sadly, we don't recognize that this is all caused from a lack of congruence between who we were truly created to be, and what we have allowed ourselves to become. We assume that these "side effects" are just a part of life in today's society.

This is NOT how it has to be. We CAN and MUST reconnect with our TRUE selves - our sense of purpose, and live our lives as who we TRULY are. For if we do not, are we truly living at all?

As a personal coach and a speaker, this is the number one topic of conversation. I believe discovering one's purpose is THE most critical step one can take in their lives, for when one knows WHY they are doing what they are doing...WHY they MUST achieve their personal and professional goals, it is far less likely they will let those outside influences guide their decisions. Instead, they will follow their hearts...they will follow their passions. And when they do that, they will never be lost - and they will truly be LIVING.

In the next article in this series, we will look at specific ways to reconnect with your passions and discover your true purpose!

Author's Bio: 

Bob Doyle is a motivational speaker, Life Coach, and personal
trainer in Duluth. He is available to speak to groups of any size across
the country, or on a one-on-one basis as a coach. Complete details about
his various programs and services can be found at the Boundless Living
web site: http://www.boundlessliving.com.