Am I kidding? No. This is what millionaires do automatically. If it is not your automatic habit to slip into the future and see yourself already successful at something you have not yet achieved; create that habit now.

You’ve probably heard that you are either consciously creating what you want or unconsciously creating what you don’t want. Dreaming while you are awake is consciously creating specifically what you want by putting new fresh software into your creative mind.

You have two minds. One that sleeps when you sleep and one that never sleeps. That’s the one that creates your reality. That’s the one that has created exactly what you already have according to exactly how it is has been programmed. Who programmed it? You were programmed by your parents, your teachers, your environment, your peers, and everything you heard and saw, predominantly, up to the age of eight. Can you see that your ideas about money, relationships, and life in general reflects what and who you were exposed to at that time?

If you want more, it’s time to expose your creative mind to more. The marvelous thing is that your creative (subconscious) mind can be reprogrammed by your conscious mind simply by putting new images into it. Psychologists tell us that the imagination is the strongest mind power we have as humans. You live at the level of your imagination.

Neville, in the The Law and the Promise, tells us, “Divine imagining and human imagining are not two powers at all, rather one.” We are given this power by divinity. How dare we not use it!

Unless you imagine yourself as someone else or somewhere else, your present conditions and circumstances will continue and your present problems will reoccur. All the things in your life continue and renew themselves by your constant imagining. All things in your life are made by you and all things in your life will cease because of you. Everyone lives on the level of his or her constant imagination, whether it's done consciously and deliberately or unconsciously.

Neville says it best. “To attempt to change circumstances before you change your imaginal activity is to struggle against the very nature of things. There can be no outer change until there is first an imaginal change , is but futile readjustment of surfaces. Imagining the wish fulfilled brings about a union with the state and during that union you behave in keeping with your imaginal change. Nothing stands between you and fulfillment of your dreams but facts—and fact are the creations of imagining. If you change your imagining, you will change the facts!”

Many people think it is the ‘IQ’, their intelligence quotient that makes a difference in their life. More important in determining the quality of their life is the other ‘IQ’, their imagination quotient. Is your imaginary story constantly about what someone did to you yesterday or years ago? Well—expect more of that unless you decide to change it. Your imagination rules your world, but you rule your imagination. It’s your life, decide what you want and start creating it by dreaming more while you are awake!

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Glenda Feilen, author, speaker, and recognized authority on the Law of Attraction, shares no-fail techniques to achieve prosperity and success in her book, “Life is a Puzzle-Are All Your Pieces In Place.” Glenda’s ATTRACTION IN ACTION formula reveals how to attract anything to you by using what is “In You, On You, and Around You”. For over 28 years, her books, seminars, and workshops have taught thousands an empowering process to achieve wealth, happiness, and rewarding relationships. Her mission is to show others how to employ simple, easy techniques to attract tremendous abundance and success in every aspect of their lives.