Ever find yourself in a dream in a house? Yeah, sure, all the time. But did you ever find later on that you are in a house in waking life and you recognize the exact location from your dream? I have...too many times to mention. Dreams of this nature are a gift since I am a Feng Shui practitioner. I don't dream about every client's home this way. So when I do, I realize the information I am being shown is important and usually it is tipping me off to some problem in advance.

Having been an Active Dreamer for years under Robert Moss's tutelage, I now recognize when a dream may be a rehearsal for waking life. Usually this type of dream will linger with me and I find myself thinking of it at odd moments.

A few days ago, for instance, I woke up from a dream in which I was in a home that had gleaming wooden floors with two interior steps leading down into a sunken room, not something I see every day. The man showing me around the dream space was tall, thin, and had long dark black hair. He was very attractive. It felt like this was his home since he was inhabiting the space so completely and comfortably. He was acting as if he owned the place.

That very afternoon I met a new client in her home. On may way to her house, I found myself wondering if my dream earlier that morning was related to this new client. Before I began touring her space, I interviewed her and discussed her goals. She told me she was uncertain as to whether or not she should move and then, whether or not she should move to Spain. She also desired a mate.

I did not immediately recognize her space as being that of my dream. But as I explored her home, the polished wooden floors lead me down a hallway ending in two steps down to another level and I had that "aha!" moment. I described the attractive dream man to my client and asked her where he fit into her life. "Oh, you mean the man in these photos I have displayed over here?", she said, pointing to large black and white photos that I had not noticed until then. He was exactly the man that had escorted me around my dream. Turned out she had had an affair with this man in Spain twenty years ago and hadn't heard from him since.

Clearly, my dream was telling me that this man's energy was dominating my client's space. He could be the reason she had not made room in her heart for a new partner to come in. Or, he could be representing Spain, welcoming my client to follow her heart and make a decision to move there (Spain was "at home" in her space). At the very least, his photos were throwing off an energy that was filling up her small apartment. With my dream clues, my Feng Shui report had a depth of insight that I might have missed otherwise. We were able to consciously go back into the dream and find the answers my client was searching for.

Author's Bio: 

Katy Allgeyer (a.k.a. "Fishgirl") was first introduced to the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui in early 1983 while on a business trip to Hong Kong. Traveling to the Far East over 99 times, Katy studied with Feng Shui masters in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Today, Katy has more than twenty years of Feng Shui expertise, which she blends with her highly developed intuitive ability, metaphysical shamanic healing methods, and formal art and design training that make her uniquely qualified to help people realign their environment to support their full potential.