Many of you have heard about treasure maps. A number of friends and clients have used what I call treasure vision maps as part of my services.

I would like to share a personal story with you. Four years ago, I took out an 81/2” by 11” cardboard, and pasted white paper to it. I found pictures of Sedona Arizona, where my husband and I have enjoyed vacation numerous times. Sedona is a beautiful desert area with magnificent red rock formations.

A picture of one of the most photographed views of Sedona, Cathedral Rock, was pasted at the top of my treasure map. Next to it was written, “Great views from the house!” Below was a picture of a large home with red rocks just behind it. The caption next to it read: “Our beautiful spacious home!” Other words were written such as how the house is secluded, with a writer’s studio and everything is decorated in a style we love.

Under the photo of another view, I put Breathtaking beauty. Lift your spirit and Soothe your mind. And finally I added the words “We can easily afford our home. Thank you Universal Spirit.”

In a couple of days we are now going for vacation to our new home. The realtor who lives in Sedona has said that they are the most spectacular views she has ever seen in the area. And can you guess which of the three views we had, that is most prominent from the house? You guessed it-Cathedral Rock- the one at the top of my treasure map. All the details written on the treasure map became a reality.

Since then, other treasure maps and follow up actions took place. Another house was remodeled and sold in California. The third house and property, 22 acres with ultra quality Cabernet grapes in Napa, California is now our dream home.

SO ARE YOU READY TO PLAY? Because YOUR deepest heartfelt dreams can come true as well.

Here is one tool, the treasure map, that you will have lots of fun with-I promise! Your dream may be realized at any time, as long as you believe it can come true. It may happen tomorrow, or in one month, or longer, depending on the size of the dream and what steps are involved to make it happen.

First, take a few moments, or as long as you need, to decide what dream you would like to realize at this time. It may be as simple as taking a long awaited trip to an exotic or exciting place. It may be a business project, if it really inspires you. You could decide that you are ready for a new wardrobe, a new car, or that you would like to improve your living space. It may be a sentimental dream including family or loved ones.

Describe your dream as vividly as possible. Use words that inspire you, that bring up joyful feelings, and that really allow you to get a sense of creating your reality.

Next, find a piece of lightweight cardboard, or some kind of backing, and then paste ordinary white paper to use as a background. Now comes the fun part! Look in magazines for photos or written phrases that correspond to your dream. You can also write your phrases on the computer and paste those onto the treasure map. You might incorporate pictures of yourself since you are energizing your desires and manifesting them through these processes.

When you write inspiring intentions, make sure they are written in the present tense. For example, “As I serve others with my natural talents and skills, I also receive an abundance of financial prosperity.” Or, “I am more and more fit and healthy each day.”

Once you are finished with your treasure map, be sure to put it somewhere where you can see it every day. Our treasure map for the house was next to the kitchen where we saw it each time we passed by. Every time we saw it and felt excited and expectant, we were drawing more attractor energy to draw it in!

One good way to reinforce the realization of your dream is to take one of the affirmations you have written for your treasure map, and put it on an index card. You can affirm this phrase from time to time. Another way is to write about it in your daily or weekly writing journal.

How will you know when changes begin to occur? Watch for people and opportunities that emerge on your path. Notice what comes up that pertains to your dream. For example, someone may talk to you about a class or courses they just heard about, that can help you to achieve your goals. A loved one may share an idea that inspires you to take a step toward your dream that you might not have otherwise taken.

So is there any reason why you would not follow up and do this treasure map? Take the time to invest in your life dreams. You deserve to live a powerful life.

This tool has enabled others to make their intentions more visual and real. Examples of realized dreams include Janet’s change from accounting to a position in business development with an international company. Mitch’s realized dream was creating great prosperity and attracting wonderful new clients he could serve as a consultant. Linda’s dream was accomplished also with the help of a treasure map. Her goal was to create better self-esteem and a healthy fit body. Linda lost forty pounds in the course of a few months, and has regained her self-esteem through both inner and outer work.

"I am opening up to receiving and achieving the realization my most cherished dreams."

Each day, I notice what people, situations and opportunities come into my life. Everything and everyone on my path has meaning. I may be here to help them, or they may be a part of supporting my dream, or both. Even small events that occur can be a step toward fulfilling my hearts desires.

I follow my intuition, and act upon guidance and support that I receive.

There is no right or wrong here. Just be aware of your surroundings, and pay attention to the signs. Then follow up!

Author's Bio: 

Marcie Hunt is a Power Your Life Coach and founder of the company Inner Vision, Outer Power. For fifteen years, Marcie has guided people to master the Law of Attraction, the Power of Intention, the Art of Allowing and other tools, to create financial prosperity and well-being.

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