Clothes are a part of a person’s individuality. What a person wears usually speaks volumes about his/her personality. Often, it is an essential factor in the dating game. The majority of the first impression a person creates is largely based on how the one looks—especially on the clothing style. So, it doesn’t come as a shocker when people hoping to attract a mate do everything they could to dress to impress. Since every person has his/her own concept of fashion, clothes are part of the issues that are far too personal for somebody to comment on, or give advice. The golden rule for dressing up is to keep it clean and simple; other than that, here are tips on how to dress to impress: Many people spend a lot of money on expensive clothes only to end up looking like they’re wearing a potato sack.

An expensive potato sack, that is. Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly is just as bad as pairing anything in your closet with hideous cowboy boots (think Britney Spears!). Some people make the mistake of thinking that just because they are wearing labelled or pricey clothes, it would be easy to ignore if it’s a little too big, a bit too small, misshapen, a little too short or a little too long. Wrong! Clothes must skim the body and hang well, because fit matters more than the size. Bring along a friend when shopping to check if your dream dress fits, OR, find yourself a good tailor or dressmaker.

The simplest of clothes can stand out with accessories. Finding the perfect one for your clothes is crucial, since it could make or break a fashion statement. The very best shoes, belt, purse or scarf are definitely a good addition to a wardrobe. Often one can’t help but give in to “accessory overload”, but it would be wise to avoid this altogether. One or two accessories are enough to make a statement. The same principle applies to jewelleries: a tasteful watch is enough to convey elegance in men; for women, don a classy pair of earrings and a simple necklace and you are ready to go.

If you simply must wear a lot more, just make sure that all the pieces are in harmony with the rest of the outfit. True, clothes make a man, but you would rather be remembered for your conversation rather than your designer bag, right? When you are fond of following trends, your aim is to look fresh, tuned in and of the moment. Staying abreast of the fads is important, lest your clothes become out-of-date. This may mean that you have to buy new clothes all the time, but hey, that’s the price you pay for being trendy. Otherwise, incorporate classic pieces with your up-to-the-minute ones so you can be fashionable without having to spend a lot on a new wardrobe every season.

Every article of clothing that a person puts on must blend well together—we’re not just talking about colors here. The fabric, styles and accessories should match-- that means leave your cowboy hat at home if you are going to a formal dinner in an elegant little black dress. If having uncertainties on what to wear, call the host/hostess and determine beforehand what type of clothing is required of the occasion. Or play it safe by choosing an outfit that can be dressed up or down with jewelry, scarf or jacket. The most essential key one must remember on how to dress to impress is cleanliness.

Soiled and stained clothes can never look expensive, even if it truly is. No designer jeans in the world can beat a clean and fresh-smelling one. Ditto with the wearer’s grooming. A well-groomed hair, clean manicured nails and fresh breath can make anyone look like a million dollars even with a very simple outfit.

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