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Do you hate to go to work? Are you miserable at your job (or what you are doing) but go anyway to earn a living? Do you feel frustrated or unfulfilled, because you must do things that cause you stress? Wouldn’t you rather participate in your ideal income ...Copyright © 2003 by Bill Dueease

Do you hate to go to work? Are you miserable at your job (or what you are doing) but go anyway to earn a living? Do you feel frustrated or unfulfilled, because you must do things that cause you stress? Wouldn’t you rather participate in your ideal income producing position and “Go to Play” everyday? Then you will be doing what you love and will be so good at it that you will produce considerable value and earn more than you need.

Today more and more people are discovering their ideal position and actually getting it. How? By hiring their own career coach. You and your career coach will follow three basic steps to attain your ideal position.

First, your coach will assist you to discover your true passions, desires and talents.
This involves you learning about your true self. You have probably looked to your friends, parents, coworkers, or loved ones in the past for help. However, they have their own agendas and biases, and rarely can or will dig deep enough with you to discover the truth.

Discovering what you really want is not a self-help process. Just as you must look into a mirror to see what you really look like, you must have another person act as your objective mirror to reveal what you really want to do and be in life. Your other-person-mirror must be able to actively assist you to go within, where you may have been reluctant to go before. Your career coach will be your own private objective mirror to reflect the truth about yourself so you will become “The Worlds Leading Expert on YOU.”

Secondly, you will create the ideal income positions to allow you to produce considerable value.
You and your career coach will develop the position or positions that rewards you for fulfilling your passions, following your beliefs, fulfilling your priorities and maximizing your talents. In essence, your ideal position will revolve around you first, so you will shine and be well rewarded for doing so.

Thirdly, your coach will assist you to actually get your ideal income producing position.
This is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, this is much easier, because you have a partner assisting you, you know exactly what you want to get, and you will be much more valuable and attractive to others. The key is that you will know where you are going and what you want to achieve, and you won’t waste your time and effort chasing “opportunities” based upon someone else’s criteria.

You instantly become a very desirable person when you perform in your ideal position. Why? Because you will produce considerable value for whomever invests in you. They can afford to invest a lot in you because you will reward them so well by the value you create. You will be excited and motivated to actively find ways to improve your skills to become even better at what you do, and you will continue to increase the value that you produce. Wow! When people in your desired field discover that you bring so much to the table, they will jump at the opportunity to invest in you.

Your ideal coach will be your personal guide, confidant, supporter, and cheerleader, in taking the steps to actually get your ideal income producing position.

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Bill Dueease is a business coach who cofounded The Coach Connection (TCC) to assist people to get the very most out of coaching. Bill and The Coach Connection have connected many hundreds of people with their ideal coaches since June 2001. Over 96.4 % of TCC’s clients have achieved their initial life and career goals, and most accomplished even more once coaching started. TCC clients achieved such high success rates, versus the 38% average reached elsewhere, because they were assured that the three key conditions that are key to successful coaching were met, before engaging their coach. Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The AMEX Platinum Card Newsletter have described TCC to its readers.

After working for Phillips Petroleum Company for 5 years, Bill was the driving force behind taking small refining company in 1975 named LaJet Inc. to become an extremely profitable (Bill directly generated over $120 million in pretax profits) mid-sized refining, distribution and trading company in only 5 years. He started Aspen Energy Inc. in 1980 and it quickly became a very successful petroleum trading company. He was the organizing cofounder of Cardrona Ski area in New Zealand. He and his partners converted a mountain in 1981, previously used to graze sheep, into the most popular and profitable ski area in New Zealand and Australia combined in only 5 short years. They went public in 1987 and sold out in 1989. Bill also created The Office Outfitters in 1993 to be the very first company to provide next day delivery of office products, throughout the US, at prices below the superstores. This was before the Internet was discovered. A group offered to buy Bill out for a price that was many times higher that the market value of the business in May of 1995. Bill closed the purchase in only 6 calendar days.

Bill was featured in a 30 minute 1988 film made for TV by PBS and the New Zealand Government. The film described how an American (Bill) organized a team of three New Zealanders to develop the popular Cardrona Ski Area in New Zealand. The film was shown on US, New Zealand, and Australian TV. Bill was featured in a two-page article published on the front page of the Fort Myers News Press describing how business owners benefit from his coaching program. Bill was also invited to discuss "Coaching" at the Financial Planners Association Annual Conference in Boston. Bill's educational articles on career, business and life coaching and business solutions have been published over 78 times throughout the US and Canada, by over 52 Magazines and periodicals. Bill has also been interviewed on 14 radio and TV programs about coaching.

Bill earned the designation of Certified Business Analyst from The Florida Small Business Development Center Network. He holds a Florida Real Estate Brokers License. He graduated from the University of Alabama in 1967 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. In 1968, he earned a Masters of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University.

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