In today’s hectic life, there are many people who are time poor. They are rushing around so much and getting stressed, that they do not realize that they are in need of help, and even if they do, they may not know where to go to get help or even what type of help they require.

The first step to take is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is the greatest place to start. With the right set of commands, you can immediately get to the heart of the problem, not only that, but as you work through it, side issues can be highlighted and solved on the way. Everything is possible to achieve from stopping smoking to fear of flying and beyond and the beauty is it can take just a few minutes a day.

After your initial session, which should be undertaken with a trained therapist, you are able to work on your own, not only that, but you can, as long as it is not a painful subject, where you may need privacy, work anywhere or any time, in the car, on the bus or train, if you don't mind the odd look or two. Further sessions with your therapist may be beneficial as they will be able to more thoroughly pinpoint a problem and assist with further ways to explore your problem.

The scope of EFT is just amazing, its use in the psychological release of problems can be truly amazing in the way it gets right to the heart of the matter and then give immediate relief, leaving the person feeling better about themselves, after which, further work will reduce the problem to a manageable level, if not remove it completely.

EFT can be effective in all sorts of ways, whether it is losing weight or dealing with addictions like smoking, it can really help a person cope with these problems because it not only deals with the specific issue but, with proper use, it can discover and correct underlying issues that are often the root of the problem, yet are not immediately apparent to the subject.

One of the strangest benefits of EFT is its ability to disperse pain, I know it sounds crazy but it can work. I have used it to get rid of headaches and tooth aches so I know it is effective in those cases.

Another area where EFT can be used, is in increasing a persons abundance. This doesn't mean that by using EFT they will win the lottery the following week, although they might, it means that it can be used to remove any negative traits and blockages that can hold a person back. Using EFT this way will give a more positive attitude, which means that one is more open and receptive and therefore attracts abundance in positive things.

One of the big growth areas in the use of EFT is improving sports performance. It is being used in nearly every sport there is. One of the big ones is in improving ones golf swing and putting, the results have been quite amazing because it removes any blocks a person has that sub-consciously affects their game and they are able to focus more on their game. It is also used to increase motivation and performance.

There is no area of life where EFT cannot be effective in some way or other; the only limiting thing is you.

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Dominique is the author of the acclaimed ebook FacialWizard which as been transforming the faces and lives of women and a few brave men around the world.

She is also the creative designer at a site dedicated to making original web designs.