Many years ago, as a massage therapist I bought an aura camera in order to see how massage effected the auric field. I began photgraphing the effects of Reiki and the Reconnection energy as well. In 2001 I began employing "Thought Field Therapy" and the aura camera revealed to me the most astounding photos, especially when dealing with belief systems. I became certified in several Sound therapies and added Sound to EFT to enhance the effect. I spent years researching the combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques and Sound. My son, a gifted musician funded this research and died at the age of ninteen in 2005. Shortly after his death he began showing up in photos on my digital camera and then began teaching me how to enhance these modalites with crystals and made it easy enough for anyone to learn. I have been learning through the photos the easiest and most effective ways to heal old patterns, belief systems and negative emotions. I have filmed myself teaching these techniques and put it on youtube under the title EFT with tuning forks and another one called Energy Photos EFT. My website has videos and articles that will guide anyone through the process of learning these modalities. My goal is that every mother be able to handle their families emotional and physical upsets for the cost of a tuning fork ($35.00) and a small crystal ($3.00) and meager investment. The tuning fork, an OHM weighted fork that vibrates at 136.10 HZ can be ordered online at and the crystals can usually be found at your local bead shop for a dollar or two. Adding these to the basic EFT protocaols that can be downloaded for free at can prompt the body to heal almost anything. Let the healing begin!

Author's Bio: 

Regina Murphy L.M.T.
Certified TFT,BodyTalk, Acutonics, Founder of Emotional Sound Techniques,ans Author of "The Elusive Gift of Tragedy". Regina is also a Photographic Medium. Her photos can be seen on her youtube, Energy Photos EFT, and online in the article "Piercing the Veil", as well as Mystic Pop and Mysteries Magazine.