Most salespeople don’t grow up wanting to be salespeople. They grow up thinking that they’re going to become doctors, lawyers, or businessmen and women that leave the “unpleasant” task of selling to someone else. Well guess what, that unpleasant task is now the way you make your living and it can be really tough if you don’t understand the psychological side of the selling (buying) equation. No you don’t have to go back to grad school for a master’s degree in psychology in order to master the essentials of selling psychologically. But you do have to invest the time and a few dollars of your hard earned money in learning how to see selling the way the top salespeople do. If you don’t learn to see the psychological side of the game you are playing than you are destined to play the sales game at only about half your true potential if that. But the worst news is that your future paychecks will actually be less than half what they would be because company’s today reward their top sales performers with extra pay in order to keep them happy. The choice is yours. It has always been. Is now the time that you’ve decided to look into the hidden chambers of human psychology so that you too can use the secrets of human buying behavior used by the champions? Psychology is a fascinating field of science that is used by intellectuals and politicians alike as they seek to manipulate the outcome of a decision to their way of thinking. Unfortunately most salespeople don’t see themselves on this same intellectual plain and therefore only the elite salesperson seeks out the power of this decision altering science. For you to succeed in tomorrow’s more demanding sales environment you are going to have to invest in gaining the knowledge that heretofore has been the exclusive domain of the elite. You are going to have to learn how to sell without so much convincing (persuading) and learn the skillful art of non-persuasive behavioral selling. This non-offending manner of selling utilizes the customer’s temperament structure as a means of recognizing their natural buying behavior. Then they implement the appropriate selling strategy for that temperament structure giving them the best opportunity for success with that one customer. Don’t be taken back by what I just said because it really isn’t that hard to do once you’ve done a little homework. And best of all the results of this training stay with you for the rest of your life. These powerful psychological selling strategies actually correspond and compliment everything you’ve been previously taught so that the traditional selling method you are trying to use now actually works far easier and without the blind spots you are currently experiencing.

Let me give you a clue to what I am talking about. Every sales training system I have ever seen has the salesperson trial closing the customer in order to find out where that customer is psychologically as to buying. Have you ever noticed that the best salespeople don’t trail close that much. Have you ever wondered why? It is because they already know where they are psychologically with the customer moment by moment and therefore they don’t need to ask because the time isn’t right for them to get the business. The mark of a master salesperson is one that understands this timing. They know just the right time to ask for the business because they know that if they wait too long once the timing is right they will lose the psychological commitment of their customer. Wouldn’t it be great to have this knowledge and use it top you advantage? Now you can!

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O.L. Houston can make your worst salesperson better than your best. With over 20 years of selling excellence he has been ranked in the top 10 nationally with each company he has represented. "If you're sales career isn't fun, profitable and easy then strap yourself in, because I'll show you how to quickly, easily and permanently become a heavy hitter."